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Welcome to the Virtual Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2006 Web Site

The 2006 Pro Walk/Pro Bike Conference drew a record crowd of delegates and presenters to the Monona Terrace Conference Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Going into the conference, some 590 delegates were registered, and walk-in registration was brisk. According to conference director Gary MacFadden, the final tally was 645 individuals.

Attendance was boosted by several groups working to get individuals into the conference who could help push bicycling and walking in their own locales. Wisconsin itself had more than 150 people in attendance; the Chicagoland folks sent 17 delegates. And one consulting firm, Toole Design, brought six delegates. Download participant list. (PDF Format - 350KB)

"Each conference seems to have an ever-broader mix of presenters and delegates," said MacFadden. "There was the tried-and-true audience comprised of bicycle and pedestrian advocates, transportation agency staff members, and consultants. But I also spoke with many first-time delegates representing public health, small-town leadership, and neighborhood advocates. It was a great demonstration of 'making connections.'"

We invite you to look through various presentation materials that were submitted by conference presenters. The presentations we've received are listed by workshop number; if the workshop number is missing, we didn't receive the presentation materials.

If you weren't able to attend the conference, you can download a copy of the program booklet to see the breadth of knowledge represented. And, of course, get ready for Seattle in 2008, when we'll break tradition and return the conference to a city after 20 years to see what's occurred in the interim.

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