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AICP Certified Planners -- Earn Certification Maintenance (CM) Credits At Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2008

The Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2008 Conference -- Sept. 2-5, Seattle, Washington has a wide variety of presentations and mobile workshops approved by the American Planning Association (APA) to receive certification maintenance credits.

Under APA guidelines, AICP certified planners must earn a minimum of 32 credits every two years in order to maintain their AICP certification. For more information about CM credits, visit the American Planning Association Web site.

The Pro Walk/Pro Bike Conference will feature a full roster of presentations, interactive discussions, and mobile workshops totalling 48.5 credit hours.

Presentations and workshops approved for CM credits include:

Wednesday, September 3

  • Low-traffic Bicycle Boulevards - 1.50cr
  • Complete Streets--The Seattle Experience - 1.50cr
  • Prioritizing Corridors for Survey; Where Do People Bicycle? - 1.50cr
  • Bicycle Parking - Best Practices & Level of Service - 1.50cr
  • What's New in the Upcoming Edition of the AASHTO Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities? - 1.50cr
  • Bikes and Transit: Why and How - 1.50cr
  • Pedestrian Master Plans: Moving Beyond Infrastructure - 1.50cr
  • Chicago Bikeway Design Guide A Resource for the Development of Urban On-Street Bikeways; New Lines on the Road: Canada's new Guidelines for the Design and Application of Bikeway Pavement Markings - 1.50cr
  • Sidewalk Planning: A GIS-Based Approach; Sidewalk Strategic Plans - 1.50cr
  • Assessing Latent Demand with Advanced Modeling Systems; Measuring the value of the Bikeway Infrastructure, and Prioritizing Pedestrian and Bicycle Infrastructure Improvements - 1.50cr
    Click here for complete Wednesday schedule.

Thursday, September 4

  • Crosswalks: Summarizing and Deploying Crosswalk Best Practices Research - 1.50cr
  • Revamped Decision-Making and Manual-Re-Writes: Two of the Four Steps to Complete Streets Implementation - 1.50cr
  • Shared Roadway Markings: When and Where to Use Them; Improving Intersection Safety with Bike Boxes and Colored Lanes - 1.50cr
  • Charlotte's South Corridor Infrastructure Program (SCIP): Institutionalized Planning and Design of Light Rail Station Area Infrastructure for All Modes - 1.50cr
  • Quantifying the Movement: Counting bikes, Pedestrians and Mode splits - 1.50cr
  • Crossings: How Do I Get People Safely Across My Streets; Designing Trail Crossings; Selecting Traffic Control Devices for Pathway Crossings of Roadways - 1.50cr
  • How to Develop and Implement a Successful Bicycle Master Plan - 1.50cr
  • Addressing Bicycle Capacity Issues on Public Transportation - 1.50cr
    Click here for complete Thursday schedule.

Friday, September 5

  • Creating Space for On-Street Bicycle Facilities: Concept to Completion - 1.50cr
  • Cycle Zone Analysis: A New Bicycle Planning Tool - 1.50cr
  • A Level Playing Field At Last: Equal Footing for Bicyclists and Pedestrians in the Highway Capacity Manual - 1.50cr
  • Signage: Finding the way -- lessons from Seattle on how to develop a bicycle route sign system; Communicating the Yin and Yang of Transit/Pedestrian Infrastructure - 1.50cr
    Click here for complete Friday schedule

Saturday, September 6

Look for the AICP CM logo next to each presentation or workshop.

Mobile Workshops at the Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2008 Conference approved for CM credits include:

Wednesday, September 3

Thursday, September 4

Friday, September 5

Note: You must pre-register for space on mobile workshops; space is assigned on a first-come/first served basis to those who have registered for the Pro Walk/Pro Bike Conference. For more information on Mobile Workshop Registration, click here.

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