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Pro Walk/Pro Bike Conference History

The National Center for Bicycling & Walking's Pro Walk/Pro Bike biennial conference series typically attracts an international gathering of more than 600 bicycle and pedestrian program specialists, advocates, and government leaders committed to improving conditions for bicycling and walking. Conference participants include federal, state and local agency staff; engineers; planners; transportation officials; educators; public health specialists, park and recreation managers; and advocates who range from executives of international organizations to lay people with an interest in improving the quality of life and health in their community.

In 1980, 200 bicycle professionals and volunteers – all of them advocates–convened in Asheville, North Carolina.

The enthusiastic group looked at the decade ahead, and tried to imagine bicycling programs of the future. Little did we know that we were establishing what would become the United States' largest biennial gathering of bicycling and walking advocates and professionals.

In the intervening years, we have continued to hold conferences every other year, moving the venue around the country to better view the wealth of information that can be gained on-site in a community where bicycling and walking facilities are supported.

Past Conference Venues
-Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2008: Seattle, Washington | Web Site
-Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2008 | Post-Conference Web Site
-Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2006: Madison, Wisconsin | Web site
-Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2006 | Post-Conference Web Site
-Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2004: Victoria, BC,Canada | Web Site
-Pro Bike/Pro Walk 2002: St. Paul, Minnesota
-Pro Bike/Pro Walk 2000: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
-Pro Bike/Pro Walk 98: Santa Barbara, California
-Pro Bike/Pro Walk 96: Portland, Maine
-Pro Bike/Pro Walk 94: Portland, Oregon
-Velo Mondial/Pro Bike 92: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
-Pro Bike 90: Arlington, Virginia
-9Pro Bike 88: Tucson, Arizona
-Pro Bike 88: Tucson, Arizona
-Pro Bike 86: Seattle, Washington
-Pro Bike 84: Miami, Florida
-Pro Bike 82: Colorado Springs, Colorado
-Pro Bike 80: Asheville, North Carolina

We Added Pedestrian Topics
At the 1994 conference in Portland, Oregon, we expanded our program to include pedestrian facilities and issues as well as bicycling. Workshops and training sessions focusing on pedestrian topics are now an important part of our overall conference schedule.

And, as a special nod to the growing importance of pedestrian topics, the 2004 Victoria conference was the first time the conference carried the reversed moniker of "Pro Walk/Pro Bike." With the conference theme of Creating Active Communities, attendees hardly noticed the swap in the conference name: both activities lead to active communities!

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