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September 3

September 5

Wednesday, September 3, 2008
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Opening Plenary Session (Grand Ballroom)
Willie Wier (Moderator)
Sharon Roerty, Executive Director, National Center for Bicycling & Walking (NCBW)
Bill Wilkinson, NCBW
Tedson Meyers, President, Board of Directors, NCBW
King Cushman and Peter Lagerwey, Local Host Committee, Seattle, Washington
Keynote: Greg Nickels, Mayor of Seattle, Washington

9:30 AM - 10:15 AM
Refreshment Break  

10:15 AM - 11:45 AM
Period One:

  • #1. Sidepaths, Trails and Trail Crossings (Fifth Avenue)
    Designing Trail Crossings, Monica DeWald, Seattle DOT Pedestrian and Bicycle Program
    How Do I Get People Safely Across My Streets: How To Select Traffic Control Devices For Pathway Crossings of Roadways, Theodore Petritsch, Senior Transportation Engineer for Sprinkle Consulting Solving The Trouble With Sidepaths, Christopher Fellerhoff, Senior Transportation Engineer for Sprinkle Consulting
     AICP: Attend this course and receive 1.5 AICP credit hours. More info...
  • #2. Federal Funding for Nonmotorized Transportation and Recreation and the National Trails Training Partnership (Cascade II)
    Panel – Christopher Douwes, FHWA Trails and Enhancements Program Manager (moderator) Dave Kaiser, Transportation Enhancements Program Manager, Washington State DOT Greg Lovelady, Recreation Resource Planner, Washington State Recreation and Conservation Funding Board Stuart Macdonald, American Trails / National Trails Training Partnership

  • #3. Complete Streets: The Seattle Experience (Elliott Bay)
    Panel – Barbara Gray, urban planning, Seattle DOT Wayne Wentz, Director of Traffic Management, Seattle DOT Michael Terrell, Director of Capital Projects, Seattle DOT
    AICP: Attend this course and receive 1.5 AICP credit hours. More info...

  • #4. Bring SmartTrips Home: Individualized Marketing Training to Increase Healthy Trips (Grand Crescent)
    Panel – Kit Keller, Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP) (moderator)
    Linda Ginenthal, City of Portland Transportation Options Program Manager Jessica Roberts, Planner, Alta Planning + Design
  • #5. Bikeway Design (Vashon I & II)
    The Chicago Bikeway Design Guide: A Resource for the Development of Urban On-Street Bikeways, David B. Gleason, Managing Bikeways Traffic Engineer, Chicago DOT
    New Lines on the Road: Canada’s New Guidelines for the Design and Application of Bikeway Pavement Markings, Norma Moores, Transportation Consultant
    Attend this course and receive 1.5 AICP credit hours. More info...
  • #6. Adapting the Bike Sharing Concept to North America (St. Helens)
    Panel – Eileen Kadesh, Market Development Planner for King County Metro Transit in Seattle
    Andrew Curran, Transportation Planner, Road & Infrastructure Planning, Trans Link, Vancouver, B.C.
    Alain Ayotte, Vice-Président Exécutif, Société en Commandite Stationnement de Montréal
    George Banyan, Pedestrian Program Coordinator, District of Columbia DOT

  • #7. The Explosion in National and International Cycle Networks (Cascade IA)
    Panel – Jim Sayer, Executive Director, Adventure Cycling Association Jean-Francois Pronovost, Executive Director, Velo-Quebec
    Richard Moeur, Traffic Design Manager for the Northern Region, Arizona DOT Malcolm Shepherd, Chief Executive Officer, Sustrans (via video)

  • #8. Where Do People Bicycle and Walk? (Cascade IB)
    StreetPlan LA: Prioritizing Corridors for Surveys, Kim Voros, Planner, Alta Planning + Design
    The Role of Infrastructure In Determining Bicycling Behavior, Jennifer Dill, Director, Center for Transportation Studies, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon
    Identifying Priority Pedestrian Areas, Heather Dunigan, Principal Planner with WILMAPCO 
    AICP: Attend this course and receive 1.5 AICP credit hours. More info...
  • #9. Documenting Best Practices In Creating Active/Healthy Communities: Enlisting Public Health Organizations (Cascade IC)
    Panel – Fred Boykin, Decatur City Commission, Decatur, Georgia
    Amanda Thompson, Planning Director, City of Decatur, Georgia

12 noon - 1:30 PM
Luncheon (Grand Ballroom)
Keynote Speaker: Ron Sims, King County Executive
APBP Awards: Seleta Reynolds, President, Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP)

1:45 PM - 3:15 PM
Period Two:

  • #10. Adopting and Enacting Complete Streets Policies (Fifth Avenue)
    Panel – Barbara McCann, Coordinator, National Complete Streets Coalition; McCann Consulting
    Randy Neufeld, Chief Strategy Officer, Chicagoland Bicycle Federation
    Wayne Wentz, Director of Traffic Management, Seattle DOT

  • #11. The Non-motorized Pilot Program: Walk, Bike & Benefit (Cascade II)
    Panel – Ted Curtis, Columbia Public Works Department; Columbia, Missouri
    Dan Dawson, Marin County Department of Public Works; San Rafael, California
    Mary Ebeling, Sheboygan County Planning and Resources Dept., Sheboygan, Wisconsin
    Joan Pasiuk, Transit for Livable Communities; Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Kartik Sribarra, Rails to Trails Conservancy; Washington, DC

  • #12. Locally Grown: Planning A SRTS Program That Fits Your Community (Elliott Bay)
    PanelNancy Pullen-Seufert, Program Manager, National Center for Safe Routes to School
    Melody Geraci, Director of Programs, Education, Encouragement and Safety, Chicagoland Bicycle Federation

  • #13. Designing for Bicyclists and Pedestrians (Grand Crescent)
    Traffic Engineering Myths Busted – The truth about lane widths. Theodore Petritsch, Senior Transportation Engineer, Sprinkle Consulting
    Designing Cities In Europe for Bicycles – An engineering perspective; Tom Bertulis, Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) Mexico

  • #14. Bicycle Parking: Best Practices (see related mobile workshop in Period 3) (Vashon I & II)
    Panel Eric Anderson, Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator, Berkeley, California
    John Luton, Executive Director, Capital Bike and Walk Society, Victoria, British Columbia
    AICP: Attend this course and receive 1.5 AICP credit hours. More info...
  • #15. Active Community Environments: Planners, Transportation and Public Health Working Together…My Oh My!  (St. Helens)
    Panel – James Kissee, Physical Activity Coordinator, Nutrition and Physical Activity Program, Washington State Department of Health (moderator)
    Melissa Wittstruct-Eadie, Planner, City of Spokane, Washington
    Heelen Dewey, Health Educator, Spokane Regional Health District
    Beth Glynn, Health Educator, Tacoma/Pierce County Health Dept.
    Anne Aurella Fritzel, Community Trade and Economic Development, Washington State

  • #16. Maps and Community Engaged Mapping (Cascade IA)
    The Neighborhoods on Foot Map Series,
    Seth Schromen-Wawrin, Active Communities Program Director, Feet First
    Bicycle Mapping, Jeff Smith, Bicycle Program Specialist, City of Portland, Office of Transportation.

  • #17. Making Streets Safer (Cascade IB)
    Drive With Care: Targeting Motorists. Falon Mihalic, Chicagoland Bicycle Federation Drive With Care Campaign
    Pedestrian Rights in A New Jersey Case Study  Ranjit Walia,Manager, New Jersey Bicycle and Pedestrian Resource Center

  • #18. Fringe Urbansm (Cascade IC)
    Nico Larco, Professor, School of Planning & Design, University of Oregon, Eugene
    Marc Schlossberg, Associate Professor, Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon

3:15 PM - 4:00 PM
Refreshment Break

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Period Three:

  • #19. What’s New In the Upcoming Edition of the AASHTO Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities? (Fifth Avenue)
    Panel – Jennifer Toole, President, Toole Design Group
    Mia Birk, Principal, Alta Planning + Design
    Bill Schultheiss, Project Engineer, Toole Design Group
    AICP: Attend this course and receive 1.5 AICP credit hours. More info...

  • #20. Can Green Streets Be Complete Streets Too? (Cascade II)
    Panel – Peg Staeheli, Principal, SvR, Seattle, Washington
    Tom von Schrader, Principal, SvR, Seattle, Washington
    Steve Moddemeyer, Senior advisor,  Department of Planning and Development, Seattle, Washington
    Ed Cox, Bike and pedestrian Coordinator, City of Sacramento, California

  • #21. Trail Building (Elliott Bay)
    The Aurora Corridor and Interurban Trail: Reinventing A Tired Corridor, Kris Overleese, Interurban Corridor Program Manager, City of Shoreline, Washington
    Tools for Achieving Transportation Equity, Jennifer Rice, Co-Director, Natural Resources Services Division, Redwood Community Action Agency, Eureka, California

  • #22. Encouraging Corporate Cycling Programs (Grand Crescent)
    Changing The Corporate Culture to Cyclecentric Commuting, Chris Cameron, Commute Director, Cascade Bicycle Club, Seattle, Washington
    Promoting Healthy Commute Choices at ChicagoPublic Schools
    , Suzanne Carlson, Environmental Program Manager, Chicago Public Schools, Chicago, Illinois

  • #23. Bikes and Transit: Why and How (Vashon I & II)
    Panel – Jessica Roberts, Alta Planning + Design, Portland, Oregon
    Michelle Poyourow, Advocate and Educator, Bicycle Transportation Alliance
    Carolyn Young, Executive Director of Programs and Communications, Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon

    AICP: Attend this course and receive 1.5 AICP credit hours. More info...
  • #24. Sidewalk Planning (St. Helens)
    A GIS-Based Approach to Sidewalk Planning,Julie Hastings Leader for LAN's Austin, Texas office Utility and GIS Team; Annick Beaudet, Project Manager, City of Austin Bicycle & Pedestrian Program
    Sidewalk Strategic Plans, Susan Sauve, Transportation Demand Management Planner, City of Peterborough, Ontario
    AICP: Attend this course and receive 1.5 AICP credit hours. More info...

  • #25. Assessing the Demand and Value of Cycling Improvements (Cascade IA)
    Measuring the Value of the Bikeway Infrastructure: Regina Bikeway Needs Assessment, Norma Moores, IBI Group, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    Assessing Latent Demand With Advanced Modeling Systems, Joshua Poppel, Planner, Alta Planning + Design
    Prioritizing Pedestrian and Bicycle Infrastructure Improvements, Dan Goodman, Toole Design Group; Yon Lambert, Pedestrian and Bicycle Coordinator for the City of Alexandria, Virginia
    AICP: Attend this course and receive 1.5 AICP credit hours. More info..

  • #26. The Underground Railroad Bicycle Route – Diversifying Bicycling Through Innovative Ideas and Partners (Cascade IB)
    Panel –
    Ginny Sullivan, New Routes Coordinator, Adventure Cycling Association, Missoula, Montana
    Dr. Stephen Thomas, Director, The University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Minority Health, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Beta Gutsche, Program Director, WebJunction, On-line Computer Library Center
    David Jayo, Corporate Giving Manager, REI, Inc., Seattle, Washington

  • #27. Sunday Parkways/Summer Streets – Fun and Stealth Ways to Transform You Community (Cascade IC)
    Panel –
    Jeffrey Miller, President, Thunderhead Alliance for Biking and Walking (Moderator)
    Andy Thornley, Program Director, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
    Adolfo Hernandez, Community Liason, Chicagoland Bicycle Federation
    Paul Steely White, Executive Director, Transportation Alternatives, and Bicycle Transportation Alliance of Oregon

  • #28. Bicycle Parking Implementation Tour (A Walkabout)
    This neighborhood walking tour of bicycle parking facilities follows the Period Two workshop: Bicycle Parking -- Best Practices. (See above) It is intended primarily for those who attended the Period Two session. Meet in the Grand Ballroom Foyer. Leaders are Eileen Kadesh, Eric Anderson, Emily Allen and John Luton.

5:30 PM
Conference adjourns for the day

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September 3

September 5

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