Photo by  Chris Jordan

The Active Living Resource Center

A Web Site That Supports Community Change

The public health tells us that in order to battle physical inactivity and its associated consequences – obesity, chronic disease, etc. – we need to make neighborhoods and communities places that better accommodate and encourage regular, routine physical activity, especially walking and bicycling. Policy and environmental interventions are critical to achieving these outcomes. If we don’t change the “system,” we can’t expect different outcomes.

The majority of the action required will occur at the local level, within our communities. To spur this action requires a new level of public awareness about the effects of community design on health. To help spread that awareness, the National Center for Bicycling and Walking operates the Active Living Resource Center, a web site aimed at individuals and small community-based groups that are trying to make changes in their neighborhoods. The ALRC web site supports change in the way communities are planned, designed, and managed to ensure that existing barriers to physical activity are removed, and future barriers are not created. The ALRC web site provides grass roots organizations and community groups with the “nuts and bolts” how-to procedures that have helped change communities across the country into more active places.

To visit the Active Living Resource Center Web site, click here.