Issue #16 Friday the 13th(!), April 13, 2001




More Cash for UK Footpaths

This Year's Walk to School Day

Walk Boston's Walks to School

LAB's National Bike Summit a Success

Oregon to Study Aging, Driving Ability

May: Bike Month/Bike to Work Day

Flying Shoes on Way to USA??

La Route Verte Links 4000km of Paths/Roads




TX Cyclists to Leg: "We Bike & We Vote!"

Savannah Trail Progress Slow

KC Planners Push Greener City

Swiss Bike Soldiers Pedal into History

Alexandria to Put "Smartbikes" on Road

Making London Most Walking-Friendly City




According to an April 12th news release from the UK

Department of Environment, Transport, & the Regions, "An

extra 4 million pounds to help open more footpaths was

pledged today by Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott. The

cash is part of a package of 27 million pounds announced

this week to help boost a rural economy suffering from foot

and mouth. The Deputy Prime Minister today re-opened one

thousand miles of canal towpaths - two thirds of the total

- closed since the outbreak of the epidemic. All British

Waterways 2,000 miles of canals and rivers are now open to



"Mr Prescott said: 'This is excellent news. I am delighted

British Waterways is opening up its canal towpaths wherever

they can safely without undermining efforts to stop the

spread of foot and mouth. Canalside attractions and

hundreds of miles of waterways and towpaths are now open to

visitors this Easter. I urge people to take advantage of

this and visit. I'd like to thank British Waterways for all

their hard work making this possible.'


"Mr Prescott and Environment Minister Beverley Hughes

visited the Grand Union Canal at Bulbourne, Hertfordshire,

to mark the grand re-opening. They met people who rely on

waterways and have been affected by the closure of canals,

rivers and towpaths. The #4 million announced today is a

Countryside Agency scheme to speed up the opening of

footpaths by local authorities..."


For the rest of the story:


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According to the CDC's Physical Activity List newsletter,

"Walk to School Day is a great way to promote walking to

school year-long. Whether you walk to promote more active

children, safer streets, or cleaner air, Walk to School Day

events are aimed at bringing forth permanent change to

encourage a more walkable America - one community at a time.


"Last year children, parents, teachers and community

leaders in 47 states joined 2 million walkers around the

world to celebrate the first International Walk to School

Day. This year's event promises to be even bigger and more

exciting. Click on http://www.walktoschool-usa.org to register to

be part of the 2001 activities, see who else is walking,

receive e-mail updates and join the growing walking

community, and access resources to get your walk in motion."

To learn more about what's happening in other countries,



For help planning a walk to school program throughout the

school year visit the CDC website and download or order a

free copy of the KidsWalk-to-School program at:


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According to a recent release from WalkBoston, "At

Dallin Elementary School in Arlington, Mass., surveys found

that, although few students walked to school, most would

prefer to walk, and two-thirds of parents would prefer that

their children walk. Students, parents and school

administrators worked to pinpoint problems, which included

lack of sidewalks, dangerous intersections, and parents

dropping their kids off at the school, causing congestion

and a hazard to children crossing the streets.


"Recommendations by the Safe Routes to Schools team

encompassed engineering and safety measures, such as

clearly marking pedestrian and bike routes and crossings;

school curricula, like bicycle safety training; and parent

and community activities, including 'walking school

buses,' where groups of children walk to school with parent



"On October 4, 1999, International Walk to School Day, more

than 300 of 400 Dallin Elementary students walked to

school. The challenge is to make that change

permanent--and to spread the program to schools throughout

the country."

For more information, contact WalkBoston at 617-232-0104 or


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- Close to 200 bicycle advocates, enthusiasts,

transportation professionals and representatives of the

bicycle industry came out in full force and brought their

bicycling messages and concerns to the nation's Capital

during the first National Bike Summit.


Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Chairman of the

Congressional Bike Caucus, opened the Summit by reiterating

his strong commitment to the bicycling community. In

addition, DC Mayor Anthony Williams and EPA Administrator

Christine Whitman, both avid bicyclists, shared their

enthusiastic support with the Summit crowd.


Nearly 100 House Members and over a third of the Senate

heard first-hand from their bicycling constituents on a

variety of issues. In addition to promoting individual

state and local items of importance, participants urged

Congress to cosponsor bicycle commuting tax legislation,

join the House or Senate Bike Caucus, approve full funding

for the Land and Water Conservation Fund, maintain and

enhance bicycling provisions during reauthorization of

TEA-21, and support Safe Routes to Schools programs.


During the Summit, Congressman Blumenauer, along with

Congressman Mark Foley (R-FL), introduced H.R. 1265, the

Bicycle Commuting Act. As a direct result of Summit

meetings, numerous members indicated that they would

cosponsor the measure. Furthermore, several Senators

indicated a desire to introduce and/or support similar

legislation in the Senate.


Follow-up work continues on legislative initiatives and

policy topics introduced at the Summit. To keep abreast of

our ongoing work, subscribe to the League of American

Bicyclists' e-newsletter, at http://www.bikeleague.org


--reported by Andy Clarke, APBP

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The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles, in partnership

with an Older Driver Advisory Committee, is conducting a

legislatively-mandated study on the effects of aging on

driving ability. The study will help officials understand

the needs and challenges of older drivers, and allow the

development of a more comprehensive approach to licensing

older drivers.



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According to the League of American Bicyclists' website,

"The year 2001 marks the 45th consecutive year that the

League of American Bicyclists has declared May to be

National Bike Month. The League is also promoting Bike to

Work Week from May 13 - 19th and Bike-to-Work Day on

Friday, May 18th. This year we are inviting communities,

corporations, clubs, and individuals to join us in

sponsoring bicycling activities during the month of May in

order to increase awareness and acceptance of bicycling

throughout the country.


"Bicycling is one of the most popular activities in the

United States, and National Bike Month provides an

opportunity for friends of bicycling and the League to

sponsor educational programs, bicycle commuting events,

trail work days, bicycle helmet promotions, and even

bicycle film festivals to draw positive attention to

bicycling. The League also produces the National Bike Month

Event Organizer's Kit, an invaluable aid to anyone planning

a Bike Month Promotion."

Source: http://www.bikeleague.org/educenter/bikemonth.htm

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According to a recent email from Robert Zhou, "We are

professional exporter of various skate shoes in China, the

Rollers are hidden in the soles, so they can be used as

ordinary shoes, with which you can go walking, go up and

down stairs, ride a bicycle, etc. You can use them as

roller skates by pulling out the hidden rollers in the

soles. This is the unique feature of the 'flying' roller

skate shoes.


"Skate shoes will be next very popular item after scooters,

if you are interested in doing this business earlier, you

will make a good profit from this new fashion item.

Currently we have more than 20 most recent styles, and our

best price is FOB XIAMEN USD13.20/PAIR on container basis.

If you are interested in it, please let me know. Your early

reply will be highly appreciated.


"Best regards, Robert Zhou"

WebSite: http://www.chinaproducts-online.com

[Ed. Note: We hear that there have been significant technological improvements since the 'roller-clogs' marketed here in the 1970's.]

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According to a March 26th news release, "With the launch

of its Web site and a promotional campaign linking Quebec's

manufacturers and vendors of cycling products, la Route

verte is going forward with its 2,400 km of cycling

itineraries accessible in Quebec. The second phase of this

project to promote cycling tourism in Quebec was unveiled

in Montreal during a press conference where Mr. Jacques

Baril, delegated minister of Transportation, Mr. Raymond

Dutil, of Groupe Procycle, and Louis Garneau, of Louis

Garneau Sports, assembled as co-presidents of the

promotional campaign and representatives of the cycling

industry in Quebec.


"'When this second phase is completed in 2005, la Route

verte will link 4,000 km of cycling paths and roads, making

it possible to go across the province from East to West and

from North to South,' stated Jean-FranŠois Pronovost,

Director of V«lo Qu«bec, the organisation mandated by the

Quebec Ministry of Transportation to coordinate the

implementation of la Route verte. This unique concept must

be promoted to the largest possible number of people in

Quebec right away, as well as the whole of Canada and the

United States.'


"A major partner in the Route verte's development since

1995, the Quebec Ministry of Transportation funded its

preparation and the production of the promotional material

used during this campaign. The promotional and marketing

campaign will run until 2005, date of the Route verte's

international inauguration. It will invite cyclists to

discover, at a quaint and gentle rhythm, the several

touristic attractions of the Quebec regions."

Source: http://www.routeverte.com

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According to an April 10th story in the Univ. of

Texas-Austin Daily Texan, "More than 100 cyclists from

across the state put on their suits, skirts and slacks

Monday and took to the Capitol, lobbying state senators and

representatives for more representation. The Texas Bicycle

Coalition began organizing its first 'Cyclists in Suits'

day at the start of the 77th Legislature, hoping to bring

bicycle issues into the lawmakers' agendas, said Preston

Tyree, TBC education director.


"'We want to make sure everybody knows that cyclists are

there and let people understand that cycling cuts across

all political and economic strata,' he said. John

Fusselman, one of the cyclists who met at the Capitol, said

he and the others had a message for state lawmakers. 'We

bike, and we vote,' he said..."

For the rest of the story:


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According to an April 11th article in the Savannah

Morning News, "Efforts to begin restoring a historic

Chatham County canal are inching forward. The canal

restoration would give walkers and bicyclists a scenic

recreation trail, possibly increasing tourism in the county

and city, but the project has stalled because a group of

residents is worried about losing its property rights. A

new plan on the table is to work around them.


"The money is there. The county paid the Hinesley-Hickson

Association $200,000 to develop a master plan for the $6.5

million restoration of the Savannah-Ogeechee Canal, and has

$400,000 set aside to start preservation efforts. But the

plan calls for the gradual elimination of Bush Road

driveways that now cross the canal near the south end of

the 16.5-mile corridor, and residents don't want to lose

direct property access. They don't want cyclists riding on

a path in front of their houses, either. Until the conflict

can be resolved, county officials will now propose starting

work on the other end of the trail..."



Search: http://www.savannahmorningnews.com/search.shtml

Title: "Canal restoration back on track -- in low gear"

Author: Shannon Lynch

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According to a story in the April 7th edition of the

Kansas City Star, "Vince Bilardo, director of Kansas City's

"brownfields" program, envisions the park along the

Missouri River as the hub of a hiking and biking network

called the Riverfront Heritage Trail. The trail will not

only give many Kansas Citians new opportunities for outdoor

recreation but also reunite the city with its riverfront



"'The heritage trail,' Bilardo said, 'is precisely the kind

of amenity that's going to attract young urban

professionals -- or old urban professionals, for that

matter -- back inside the downtown loop.' And the trail is

only one of several projects that collectively suggest the

downtown is on the verge of becoming alluring and alive.

After decades of suburban flight, highway-building and

neglect, downtown is zeroing in on ideas about how people

can live, work and play there. Together the ideas might add

up to the greening of downtown Kansas City.


"Key ingredients in the transformation will be green

spaces, public plazas, tree-lined streets, nature trails

and other calming features. Not only do such improvements

look and feel good, but also they have economic value, too,

planners say. 'If you look at downtowns that are coming

back around the country," said Marlene Nagel, director of

community development of the Mid-America Regional Council,

"most of them have created important public spaces for

people to gather -- places to relax, to recharge during the

workday ... or to bring people downtown for nighttime

activities. Some of them are small, and some are more on a

grand level...'"



Search: http://www.kcstar.com/newslibrary/

Title: "KC planners hope a greener city will spur rebirth"

Author: Steve Paul

Cost for archive use: $1.95 per article

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According to an April 9th story on CNN.com, "The Swiss

army bicycle brigade, a proud and unique part of the Alpine

nation's sturdy defenses, is set to follow the mounted

cavalry and carrier pigeon service into history. The

abolition of the world's last remaining combat cyclist

regiment -- along with a 2,800-strong transport horse unit

-- is part of sweeping Defense Ministry reforms to

modernize and rationalize Switzerland's militia army.

'There's no more room for the cyclists. They're not

protected enough,' bemoans Col. Jean-Pierre Leuenberger,

one of the commanders of the 3,000 men."


Bicycles were introduced to the army in 1891 in the face of

stiff opposition from the cavalry. But its speed and

stealth eventually made the bicycle a backbone of the Swiss

defense force. The single-speed Swiss army bike, used from

1905 to 1993, became the stuff of legend. The current

mountain bike-style seven-gear model has attachments for

machine guns, bazookas, grenade launchers and basic army

kits, and can carry up to 330 pounds, including the rider.


While many Swiss resent military conscription, the bicycle

regiment is oversubscribed because it provides excellent

athletic training. 1996 Olympic road race champion Pascal

Richard, for example, passed through its ranks.


Defense Minister Samuel Schmid admits "the reforms are a

blow to traditionalists but says priority must be given to

sophisticated weaponry and communications technology." The

proposal is still in draft form, and will be debated by

parliament later this year. If adopted, it will become law

in 2003.



Search: http://search.cnn.com:80/

Title: "Swiss bike soldiers pedal into history"

Author: Clare Nullis

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According to a story in the March/April Ride-On

newsletter of WABA, the Washington Area Bicycle

Association, "Following the lead of Annapolis, the City of

Alexandria, Arlington County, and the Washington

Metropolitan Area Transit Authority's (WMATA) are

developing a SmartBike program-a bike-sharing plan that

would be used in conjunction with WMATA's 'SmarTrip'

smartcard technology.


"The SmartBike program functions by a customer waiving

their SmarTrip card over the target on a specialized bike

rack to unlock a SmartBike. SmartBikes themselves are built

to be durable, with steel frames, solid rubber tires and an

adjustable seat post. Racks would be located at Metrorail

stations, commercial centers, tourist attractions, and

large office buildings.


"SmartBike programs exist in The Netherlands, France, and

Singapore and are planned to be implemented for the first

time in the US this summer in Annapolis. With 140,000

SmarTrip cards in use, SmartBikes in the Washington region

would be a boon for all. Contact

paul.demaio@ci.alexandria.va.us for more information."

Source: http://www.waba.org/new/news/3028.php

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According to an article in the March 2001 issue of the

TRL News, "Walking is the most common form of transport in

Inner London. Forty percent of trips made in the heart of

the city are on foot, and for London as a whole 33% of

trips are made on foot. This is twice the number of trips

made by public transport and over thirty times the number

of trips made by pedal cycle.


"London's Mayor, Ken Livingstone, has pledged through his

draft Transport Strategy to make London one of the world's

most walking friendly cities by the year 2015. This is a

challenge that will be welcomed by many, as it will give

new direction to the funding of walking schemes and provide

for new ways of improving the environment for pedestrians.

Evidence of the Mayor's commitment to walking can clearly

be seen from his intention to take the World Squares for

All initiative forward with the Trafalgar Square

pedestrianisation scheme and his policy of Streets for All.

For many London roads there will be a greater emphasis on

the use of street space for walking..."

Source: http://www.trl.co.uk/TRLNews/TRLNews_mar01.pdf

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And now for something completely different...



"Welcome. Pedestrian Poetry. It is here you will find

poetry that is hard as sleet - freezing rain pounding on a

bare naked back, and poetry that is soft and fuzzy -

tainted with sleep, like a goose down comforter wrapped in

flannel. Pedestrian Poetry began in an attic with a circle

of friends who were dead set on sleep depravation as poetic


Source: http://www.platypuspranks.com/poetry/a-ped.htm





"A new Traffic Advisory Leaflet has been produced by

[Britain's] Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) to assess

the effect on accidents of traffic calming measures in a

number of villages. In all, accidents in 56 village traffic

calming schemes were studied. Overall, the frequencies of

all injury accidents and ksi accidents have reduced by

about 25% and 50%, respectively. National trends over a

similar period, see TRL Report 452, excluding motorways,

show a 7% reduction in all accidents, and a 27% reduction

in ksi accidents."




The Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit

Administration developed a guide for citizens to help them

understand federal requirements in the transportation

decision-making process. The Basics of Transportation

Decisionmaking is available at:




Atlanta Regional Commission report developed "as a tool to

enable citizens to understand and participate in

transportation planning activities that impact their

community and their quality of life. It was written to

inform interested citizens of the goals and processes of

transportation planning, who is doing this planning, when

is it being done, and who to contact to get involved. It

includes a contact list, maps, and a glossary."





"During the American Public Transportation Association's

(APTA) recent Legislative Conference, Representative Earl

Blumenauer (D-OR) and Paul Weyrich, President of the Free

Congress Foundation, participated in a mock radio talk show

and answered questions from "listeners." The topic of the show

was "How to Respond to Anti-Transit Rhetoric." Rep.

Blumenauer was the host, and Paul Weyrich was his guest."

See edited transcript at:




To get a copy of the report on San Francisco's Valencia

Street bike lanes (mentioned in issue 15 of CenterLines),

contact Michael Sallaberry of San Francisco Department of

Parking and Traffic at: mike_sallaberry@ci.sf.ca.us



Two chapters of James Howard Kunstler's forthcoming book,

"The City in Mind," are available on his website:



"They ran the environmental people out of here a long time

ago. You've got no trees. You've got no streams. You've got

no mountains. It's a developer's paradise." --Gwinnett

County Developer Wayne Mason.




"They say that Antarctica is the worst place on earth, but

I believe that distinction belongs to Las Vegas, hands

down. For one thing, Antarctica is more pleasing to look






May 13-19, 2001, Bike to Work Week. Info: League of

American Bicyclists, 1612 K Street NW, Suite 401,

Washington, DC 20006-2082, voice: (202) 822-1333, fax:

(202) 822-1334, email: bikeleague@bikeleague.org

website: http://www.bikeleague.org/educenter/bikemonth.htm


July 3-6, 2001,Environmental Design Research Association

(EDRA) Annual Meeting, Edinburgh, Scotland. Info: EDRA,

P.O. Box 7146, Edmond, OK 73083-7146, voice: (405)330-4863

fax: (405)330-4150, email: edra@telepath.com

website: http://www.telepath.com/edra/home.html


August 3-5, 2001, Bikefest 2001 - LAB's National Rally,

Altoona, PA. Info: League of American Bicyclists, voice:

(202) 822-1333, email: bikeleague@bikeleague.org

website: http://www.bikeleague.org/rallies/rallies.html


August 16-18, 2001, First National Congress of Pedestrian

Advocates, Oakland, CA. Info: AmericaWalks, email:


website: http://americawalks.org/news


September 13-16, 2001, Rail~Volution, San Francisco, CA.

For more information go to:

website: http://www.railvolution.com/ataglance.htm


September 17-21, 2001, Velo-city 2001, Edinburgh/Glasgow,

Scotland. Info: Meeting Makers Ltd, Jordanhill Campus, 76

Southbrae Drive, Glasgow G13 1PP, Scotland, voice: 0141 434

1500 fax: 434 1519, e-mail: Velo_city@meetingmakers.co.uk

website: http://velo-city2001.org/


September 21-22, 2001, New Zealand Cycling Conference 2001,

Chateau on the Park, Christchurch. Call for Papers out now.

Info: NZ Cycling Conference, PO Box 237, Christchurch, NZ,

voice: 03 371 1472, fax: 03 371 1864. email: cycling@ccc.govt.nz


September 26-29, 2001, TrailLink 2001: the 3rd International

Trails and Greenways Conference, St. Louis, MO. Info: Rails-

to-Trails Conservancy, voice: (202) 974-5152,

email: rtcconf@transact.org

website: http://www.railtrails.org


October 4-6, 2001, Innovative Approaches to Understanding

and Influencing Physical Activity, Dallas, TX. Info: The

Cooper Institute, Dallas, TX.

website: http://www.cooperinst.org/conf2001.asp





The City of Cambridge has an opening for an experienced

engineer / project manager to manage a successful traffic

calming program. The project manager will design

innovative roadway improvements, manage a consultant design

contract for larger traffic calming projects, make public

presentations, and work with the community to implement

traffic calming projects. The project manager will work

closely with other city departments and coordinate the

inclusion of traffic calming improvements into roadway

reconstruction projects. Salary range: $36,464 to $51,599

with benefits. For more information, contact: Rosalie

Anders, Cambridge Community Development Dept., 57 Inman

Street, Cambridge, MA. 02139, Voice: (617) 349-4604 Fax:

(617) 349-4633 TTY: (617) 349-4621. Review of resumes will

begin on April 16, 2001



The Surface Transportation Policy Project (STPP) is looking

for a grassroots coordinator to expand our outreach and

assistance to groups working for transportation change on a

state and local level. The coordinator will work with

advocates from across the country to develop and

disseminate model reform campaigns. Salary in the low to

mid 30s, based on experience. For more information,

contact Barbara McCann at BMCCANN@transact.org




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