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-> According to a Sept. 20th Streetfilms video (5:21) interview with Pittsburgh Mayor Peduto, "Mayor Bill Peduto is putting the rest of the United States on notice. His city is on the rise and he fully intends on implementing bicycling, walking and complete streets policies that enhance and make his city more attractive to young talent and business. For the first time in over half a century, Pittsburgh is expecting an increase in residents as the trend in the number of people moving back to cities grows.

"In September, the Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place conference took place in Pittsburgh and the energy of the city was on display as was Mayor Peduto, who was very active at the event. The hope local advocates have for the mayor is apparent as Pittsburgh has implemented its first true protected bike lanes downtown and is looking to create a more multi-modal city that more fairly balances transportation modes.

"When talking with the Mayor it's immediately obvious how well-versed in urbanism and the history of cities he is. Even so, he went on a study tour with The Green Lane Project to experience some of the best bicycling in Denmark this past summer. And he's pretty hip as you can tell from that photo from Park(ing) Day 2014!

"Our interview with Mayor Peduto touches on quite a few topics of Streetfilms' audiences will love. There is a real momentum: cities across the country have been electing good mayors who understand one of the keys to growing a city is having equitable transportation policies that work for all people."

Title & Author: "Pittsburgh's Mayor Peduto Wants to 'Leapfrog’ Your City in Bicycling & Livability" by Streetfilms


-> According to a Summer Transportation Planning Update article, "The American Planning Association awarded the Hawaii Department of Transportation the 2014 National Planning Excellence Award for Transportation Planning for the Hawaii Statewide Pedestrian Master Plan. This plan prioritizes pedestrian safety, mobility, and accessibility, and is the first in the nation to have a Statewide, pedestrian-only focus. The plan focuses on four critical transportation elements: improving safety, enhancing mobility and accessibility, improving connectivity, and encouraging priority pedestrian infrastructure. To combat the State’s high number of pedestrian fatalities, the plan identifies ways to improve pedestrian safety through engineering, education, enforcement, and evaluation. The Hawaii Pedestrian Toolbox ( is a key component of the plan and includes guidelines and best practices for the planning, design, operation, and maintenance of pedestrian facilities."

Title & Author: "Hawaii Statewide Pedestrian Master Plan" by Staff


-> According to a Sept. 10th STAR Communities release, "STAR Communities announced today that Seattle has been awarded a 5-STAR Community Rating for national leadership in sustainability. The City achieved the highest score to date, and is only the second in the nation to achieve the 5-STAR rating for its participation in the STAR Community Rating System (STAR) (, which evaluates the livability and sustainability of U.S. communities. [Northampton, MA is the other 5-Star city.]...

"Along with local government partners, STAR Communities developed and implemented a robust sustainability rating system for cities, towns and counties. Its national rating program helps communities evaluate themselves in seven sustainability goal areas: Built Environment, Climate & Energy, Economy & Jobs, Education, Arts & Community, Equity & Empowerment, Health & Safety, and Natural Systems. While Seattle performed very well across all goal areas, several efforts stood out among its sustainability initiatives. Seattle is one of only five cities in the nation where less than half of commuters are driving alone to work. Since 2011, Seattle has seen a 59% increase in bicycling and a 27% increase in pedestrian traffic..."

Title & Author: "Seattle Recognized as Nation's Most Sustainable City" by Staff


-> According to a September Walk’n Roll News article, "Four bicycles hang from the bike stands at Bike Recycle Vermont...The owners stand in front of their bikes in the stands waiting for the class to begin. For many of the people at BRV tonight, this is the first time they’ve looked at their bicycle in a stand...Thank you for coming to Bike Care 101... the program for the next three Monday evenings; together the participants will learn bicycle anatomy, the systems and components responsible for the bicycle’s functions, and common repairs and adjustments like flat fixes, brake adjustments, cable replacement, and derailleur adjustments...

"The Bike Care 101 series is for women, femme, trans, and all non-male identifying people. Bicycling is traditionally a male dominated environment, as are most trade professions. To help get more women and female-identifying people riding bicycles, making more trips on bicycles, swinging wrenches and learning mechanics, BRV and the Old Spokes Home have partnered to offer clinics that make space for females to learn bicycle mechanics in a safe and supportive environment..."

Title & Author: "Bike Care 101 Embraces Female Ridership" by Staff


-> According to a Sept. 5th The Connector blog post, "...While at the American Planning Association National Planning Conference in Atlanta earlier this year, I attended some great sessions that discussed innovative solutions to challenges in public engagement and ways to improve turnout, reduce bias in representation and increase the value community participants take from their input.

"One of these solutions is text polling. Through a partnership with Smart Chicago Collaborative and Textizen, MPC is exploring text polling as a tool to communicate with the community during our workshop process. Participants who opt in receive survey questions and workshop meeting reminders via text. Textizen has been used by thousands of people in dozens of cities to, as their website states, 'bring people to public participation wherever they are.’ The objectives of using the text polling are:

1. Drive people to the workshops
2. Ask for public input on the development site
3. Understand the demographics of the groups that don’t come to meetings
4. Capture anonymous input more widely..."

Title & Author: "Making public meetings mobile: Bringing text polling to Logan Square" by Yonina Gray

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