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-> According to the BikeWalk KC July newsletter, "For the first time in the KC region, part of the Kansas River levee system is now accessible for walking and biking! Thanks to the hard work of advocates, community leaders, and Mayor Mark Holland, a small section of the Kaw Valley levee in the Armourdale neighborhood is now open to the public."

-> According to a recent BikeWalk KC article, "Wyandotte County advocates and community leaders are making great strides in opening the community's Kansas River levees for trail development. The Kaw Valley Drainage District recently opened a 1.3 mile section of levee for a test run. If this trial run goes well, the Unified Government hopes to add amenities, improve access, and ultimately extend the trail up to Kaw Point or further. BikeWalkKC is supporting the efforts of the UG, Mayor Mark Holland, and Healthy Communities Wyandotte to make this trial a success and grow KCK's trail system."

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Title & Author: "Levee trail now open in Wyandotte County" and "First KCK Levee Trail Is Now Open" by Staff


-> According to a July 17th Smart Growth America article, "Many state DOTs select transportation projects without much coordination with their local jurisdictions. Recently officials in Tennessee decided to do better. Now, key officials from the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) have reinvented how the department interacts with local communities to create better outcomes for projects across the state while saving taxpayer money at the same time... state planners... work more proactively with local communities in the early planning and design phases of transportation projects...

"[TDOT Toks Omishakin, Deputy Commissioner of Environment and Planning] explains that TDOT staff proactively seek to make presentations and answer questions about upcoming projects at existing community meetings (like Kiwanis and Rotary clubs) rather than scheduling a separate meeting hosted by TDOT, which might be harder to promote. TDOT also implemented a new tool on their website to make interaction with department planners easier for local communities. The 'Book-A-Planner' feature is an online form local officials can fill out to request a TDOT official from the Community Relations division to speak at a community meeting about a particular project or concern...

"Tanisha Hall, Director of Long Range Planning... established the Office of Community Transportation (OCT), which aims to better coordinate land use and transportation decisions by strengthening outreach to local communities. 'We work together with communities to identify their long-term goals, and then provide solid, data-driven resources to ensure we make the best transportation investments,' says Hall. 'Basically, if you work with the department on the front-end, we can potentially save your community some heartache on the back end.' As an example, Hall points to TDOT's new involvement in school siting, in which OCT planners offer advice on transportation cost implications to communities building new schools...One way that the OCT is already helping local communities realize their vision while also saving taxpayer money is through the concept of 'right-sizing' state projects. Right-sizing means that transportation projects are tailored to maximize return on investment — to have the lowest cost for the biggest benefit..."

Title & Author: "Improved community outreach pays off for Tennessee Department of Transportation" by Craig Chester


-> According to a July 21st Nice Ride Minnesota article, "Nice Ride Minnesota is pleased to announce the launch of its newest initiative: the Nice Ride Neighborhood Program. Utilizing the same orange bikes that hit the streets in Bemidji last month, this pilot program will be working to provide a resource for creating 140 new cyclists in the neighborhoods of North Minneapolis and Frogtown/East St. Paul. All of the orange Neighborhood bikes have been committed to participants for 2014 and we'll have more opportunities to participate in the program next year.

"By partnering with local organizations in each neighborhood, Nice Ride will offer program participants a four-month cycling experience. This begins with an orientation, an opportunity to get a group of people together that are excited about trying something new and making a positive change to a more active lifestyle. There, participants learn about the program, the bikes, some basic safety tips, and take a short, fun ride before heading home with their bikes..."

Title & Author: "Orange: A New Outreach Effort from Nice Ride Minnesota" by Paul Stucker


-> According to a recent Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition article, "The Bicycle Coalition maintains a fleet of trailers and bicycles that Coalition members can borrow for free for a week at a time. First priority goes to Coalition volunteers. Current members can reserve one of these trailers with our handy reservation form that is at the bottom of this page."

Title & Author: "Bicycle Lending Library" by Staff

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