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-> According to an October CTS Catalyst article, "As part of the Minnesota Bicycle and Pedestrian Counting Initiative, researchers from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs are continuing to work with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) to count and monitor bike and pedestrian traffic in Minnesota...

"As part of the project, the team selected several locations in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Eagan, Rochester, Duluth, and Grand Marais to install permanent and semi-permanent automated bicycle and pedestrian counters that give the team continuous counts of nonmotorized traffic. In addition, the project includes lending portable counting equipment to cities and counties to assist them with nonmotorized projects.

"The goal is to measure bicycle and pedestrian traffic on a variety of facilities in both urban and rural locations. At the same time, the project is testing and evaluating the use of five different counting technologies, including inductive loop, passive infrared, microwave, and pneumatic tube counters..."

Title & Author: "Making it count: monitoring bicycle and pedestrian traffic in Minnesota" by Staff


-> According to an Oct.15th U.S. DOT release, "The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Deputy Administrator David Friedman joined Pennsylvania officials today to kick-off the City of Philadelphia’s new pedestrian safety education and enforcement strategy aimed at reducing deaths and injuries. Philadelphia’s initiative is supported by a $525,000 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) grant initiative to help address a three year trend of increased pedestrian fatalities...

"Philadelphia will use the funds to address pedestrian safety in downtown areas by increasing police visibility and ticketing during high risk hours in 20 high-crash locations. The grant will also be used for marketing to reach pedestrians in these areas and to train officers on pedestrian safety..."

Title & Author: "Philadelphia Grant Continues Commitment to Pedestrian Safety" by Staff


-> According to the October Bike Walk Tennessee newsletter, "The draft 2014 Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan ( is ready for review. A lot has changed in regards to walking and biking in the Memphis area since 2011, when the MPO's most recent Regional Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan was adopted. Demand for more and improved bicycle and pedestrian facilities like bike lanes, greenways, and sidewalks has grown. Memphis area residents are more often looking towards these active forms of transportation as a means to get around. Innovative projects are breaking ground or in the works throughout the region. To better reflect these new conditions and positive developments, the MPO has commenced an update to the Regional Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan."

Title & Author: "Memphis MPO Releases Draft of 2014 Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan" by Staff


-> According to an Oct. 6th Green Lane Project News article, "The capital of the New South is working on its latest highway network. This one is going to smell a lot nicer. The massive Beltline and an impressive grid of protected lanes that will connect the trail system to key urban destinations are poised to remake transportation in the city that anchors the country's ninth-largest metro area. Following Mayor Kasim Reed's target of making Atlanta one of the country's top ten cities for biking, Atlantans have shown their enthusiasm with their feet: an estimated 95,000 to 106,000 people attended the open-streets event Atlanta Streets Alive on Sept. 28 — shattering the previous record by at least 12,000 people."

Title & Author: "Video: Atlanta plans big for bikes, and Atlantans turn out big time" by Staff


-> According to an Oct. article, "Plans to charge a toll to pedestrians and bicyclists will be examined once again by Golden Gate Bridge officials as the agency looks to keep itself in the black. On Monday the district released a 45-point plan to keep the agency solvent in the next five to 10 years as it grapples with a five-year, $33 million deficit... Among the initiatives: ‘Evaluate sidewalk access fees’ for bikes and pedestrians, which could be implemented in 2017... From May 1937 to December 1970, a pedestrian toll was charged and collected via a coin turnstile. The district estimates roughly 6,000 bike riders and 10,000 pedestrians use the span daily during peak summer periods..."

Title & Author: "Golden Gate Bridge renews talk of sidewalk tolls" by Mark Prado


-> According to an Oct. 17th Washingtonian article, "Mayor Vince Gray is brandishing his giant novelty scissors today to cut the ribbon on the District’s 200th Capital Bikeshare station, a milestone that coincides with the fourth anniversary of the ever-expanding bicycle-sharing network. The newest location, at McKinley Street and Connecticut Avenue, Northwest, in Chevy Chase, is the 340th overall for the system spanning the District, Arlington, Alexandria, and Montgomery County, with plans to enter Prince George’s County in 2015.

"[S]tatistics from Bikeshare’s fourth year show it continuing to grow in popularity. According to region-wide statistics recently published by Arlington County, Bikeshare ended its 2014 fiscal year on June 30 with 2,671 bikes in the system, a 34 percent increase from 2013. Membership at all levels increased, too, with single-day passes increasing 18 percent to 163,559, and yearly memberships jumping by 25 percent to 25,748.

"But the Arlington report also details the tangible effects of bike sharing. The 2,769,266 million trips taken last year had significant impacts on Washington’s air pollution and physical fitness. The 4,332,724 miles traveled on Bikeshare instead of motor vehicles reduced carbon dioxide output by 2,930,600 million pounds. Perhaps even more astounding is that Bikeshare users burned an estimated 186,306,987 calories over all those miles, a 75 percent increase from the 2013 total..."

Title & Author: "Capital Bikeshare Users Burned 186 Million Calories Last Year, and Other Fun Facts" by Benjamin Freed


-> According to the abstract of the 2014 Montana Summer Transportation Institute Final Report, "The Summer Transportation Institute (STI) hosted by the Western Transportation Institute (WTI) at Montana State University (MSU) aims to heighten student interest in transportation careers at the precollege level. The program recruits high school students to participate in a two-week educational program on the MSU campus. The residential program introduces participants to all modes of transportation, seeks to build creative problem-solving skills, and supports college and career planning activities. The 2014 STI program was comprised of rising tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade students from 7 different counties in Montana and 3 additional states. Students lived on the MSU campus while participating in a multidisciplinary academic curriculum, which included guest speaker presentations, hands-on laboratories, and field trips. Students gained leadership skills while working on team design-build projects..."

Title & Author: "2014 Montana Summer Transportation Institute Final Report" by Susan Gallagher

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