2003 Centerlines Articles

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CenterLines Issue #86 December 19, 2003
* Senate Passes Bill Targeting Obesity
* Please Help With Phase II Of NCBW's State DOT Scan
* Burlington (VT) Puts Walkability Lessons to Work
* Call for Presentations: Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2004
* Chicagoland Bicycle Fed. Helps Rewrite IL Driver Manual
* S.F. Bay Area's MTC Approves $200M Bike/Ped Set-Aside
* New RWJF Report: Healthy Schools for Healthy Kids
* Tempe (AZ) Path Wins Statewide Award
* Europe to Clamp Down on Noise Pollution
* Recommending Traffic Control Changes for Older Travelers
* Call for Proposals - Active Living Research

CenterLines Issue #85 December 5, 2003
* House Committee Unveils $375 Billion Transportation Bill
* Thunderhead Alliance's 50/50 Project to Blanket Country
* Georgia Bikes! Statewide Bicycling Group Forms
* Help Shape 2nd National Highway Visibility Conference
* Gay Page Leaving Colorado DOT, to Lead "Colorado Walks"
* Survey: What's Being Done in Your Town re: Obesity?
* Moving to a Portland (OR) Walkable Neighborhood
* Australian Bicycle Council Studies Buses, Bikes
* Insurance Institute Focuses On Speed, Speed, Speed

CenterLines Issue #84 November 21, 2003
* Safe Routes Gains Traction In House & Senate Bills
* AASHTO Ped Guide in State Balloting Process
* Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Announces Grants
* House Approves "Conserve by Bicycling" Provision
* NCBW Expands Safe Routes Resources
* New CDC Website Gives Risk Factors for 98 Areas
* Active Living Research Issues Call For Proposals
* WeWALK.Org Starts Online Step Count Log
* MUTCD Revision Now up on FHWA Website
* STPP's James Corless to Join S.F. Bay Area MPO
* $1B Univ of Calif/Davis Plan Emphasizes Walking, Biking
* Gov. Bush: No Bike/Ped Provisions on Florida 1A1

CenterLines Issue #83 November 7, 2003
* Final Draft of New AASHTO Pedestrian Guide Released
* Clear Channel CEO Promises Clear Support For Cyclists
* Steps to Healthier US Fed. Register Notice Published
* Pima Co. AZ Drafts New Bike Parking Standards
* N.J. Bill Would Allow Towns to Weigh Traffic Impacts
* Walk/Bike California 2003 a Huge Success
* Tempe (AZ) Bike Efforts Earn Clean Air Awards

CenterLines Issue #82 October 24, 2003
* An Invitation From NCBW'S Bill Wilkinson
* Finding Your Way to Victoria (BC) For PW/PB 2004
* Colorado Tallies Rumble Strips Across the State
* New NCBW Forum Articles Section Launched
* Bruce Timmermans Cycling Award Winners Announced
* Walk/Bike California 2003 Termed A Great Success
* Thunderhead Alliance Honors Courage in Advocacy
* Drivers "Seldom Charged" in Fatal Ped/Bike Cases
* Martha Roskowski - Brainy "Cycling's Woman of Year"
* Pedestrians Win One in San Francisco
* HHS Looking for 'Steps to a HealthierUs' Partners
* Chicago-Area Regional Transportation Plan Approved
* Berkeley (CA) Council Shifts $140,000 from Bikes to Traffic Calming

CenterLines Issue #81 October 10, 2003
* National Walk to School Day A Big Success!
* Good Morning America! To Air "Clear Channel" Issue
* EPA Study - School Location Matters for Walking/Biking
* BikeAthens Sponsors "Tour De Sprawl
* ITE Ped/Bike Council Chair on "We" and "They"
* Lee Co. (FL) Engineer: Bridge Sidewalks Not Worth Cost
* Making Safe Routes to School a National Priority
* Study: Drivers Blow Stop Signs Where Kids Walk
* Road Rage: VeloNews Wants Your Story

CenterLines Issue #80 September 26, 2003
* NCBW Names Walkable Community Workshop Selections
* National Walk to School Day - October 8th
* NCBW Forum Hosts Prof. John Pucher
* Worcester (MA) Hosts Bicycle-Pedestrian Conference
* Congress at Work on Tea-21.5
* Raleigh (NC) Clear Channel DJs Promote Bicyclist Assault
* Clubs Host Ken Kifer Memorial Bike Rides
* Univ. of Washington Launches "Walk In" Campaign
* New Govt. Report: High Biz Costs of Chronic Conditions
* Forest Fires Devastate B.C.'s Trail Trestles
* Get Your "Walk To School Colorado" Tool Kit

CenterLines Issue #79 September 12, 2003
* Advocates Push Enhancements Back into 2004 Bill!
* More on Sprawl/Obesity/Pedestrian & Bicyclists Deaths
* Death Spurs Indiana Community's Push for Safe Routes

CenterLines Issue #78 August 29, 2003
* What's Up with the 2004 Trans. Appropriations Bill?
* Applications for Walkable Community Workshops Due
* TEA-21 Extension Legislation Moves Up on Agenda
* CA Bike Coalition's Chris Morfas Moves On
* Bikes Belong Gives $10,000 for Grand Canyon Trail
* Univ. of MN Offers Community-Based Trans. Workshop
* BTS Item 1: Americans Walk...a Bit
* BTS Item 2: Cars Outnumber Drivers per U.S. Household
* Univ. of Penn Valet Bike Parking Takes Off

CenterLines Issue #77 August 15, 2003
* New Site Area Launched For Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2004
* Walkable Community Workshop Applications Due Soon
* 2004 Transportation Appropriations Bill Battle Looms
* Thunderhead Alliance Announces "50/50 Project"
* Pediatrician Group to Fight Childhood Obesity
* Spartanburg (SC) Comes Together for Safe Routes Project

CenterLines Issue #76 August 1, 2003
* Congressional Battle Over Enhancements Moves to Floor
* America Walks Elects Hershfang President
* America Walks Also Presents Awards
* Part 2: Ohio's Clear Channel Story
* Montgomery County (MD) Moving Ped Agenda
* Enter the 2003 Accessible America Competition!
* Census Canada Releases 2001 Commute Data
* Stanford Researcher Links Life-Savings to Tickets
* Ryka Women's Fitness Grant Program
* Bicycle Retailer Seeks Brainy Advocacy Award Nominees

CenterLines Issue #75 July 18, 2003
* Transportation Enhancements Under U.S. House Attack
* "U.S. Mayors Bike Ride" Spreads Across Nation
* Cleveland's WMJI Radio Gets Major Bicyclist Feedback
* Maine Bicycle Friendly Communities Conference Coming
* NHTSA, BikeInfo.Org Release New Bikeability Checklist
* DC Area's WABA Takes Commuter Help Pgm. Online
* CBC, Oakland Host Calif Walk/Bike Conference
* HSRC Looking for Ped Audit Forms
* NHTSA Releases 2002 Highway Fatality Statistics
* Be a Walk to School Resource Person!

CenterLines Issue #74 July 4, 2003
* Round II Walkable Community Workshops: Applications Are Out
* Denver Bikestation Business Opportunity
* AMPO Notes FHWA Funding, USDOT Survey, T3 Pgms
* Canberra to Host "Connecting Cycling" Conference
* New Article Posts on NCBW Forum Online

CenterLines Issue #73 June 20, 2003
* Rep. Oberstar Champions Safe Routes to School
* U.S. Mayors Support Bicycling -- Riding & Writing
* The 2003 Walkable Coummunity Workshop Series Wraps Up
* NCBW Launches Pages on Safe Routes to School
* Will SAFETEA Shift $$ to School Bus Industry?
* Sharon D. Banks Award for Leadership in Transportation
* MassBike Offers Pilot Bike Law Police Course
* Victoria (BC) Bike to Work Week Results Are In
* Nevada Moving Fast on Bike Road Shows

CenterLines Issue #72 June 6, 2003
* Sec'ty Norton Designates 23 New Recreation Trails
* Walk San Francisco Hires Director, Opens Office
* Brockport (NY) Builds on Walkability Workshop
* Texas Passes "Share Road" License Plate Bill
* Obesity Almost as Expensive as Smoking
* NHTSA to Fund Ped Safety Minigrants
* NJDOT Builds Linear Park & Path Instead of Highway
* Feds to Fund Large City Healthy Lifestyle Projects

CenterLines Issue #71 May 23, 2003
* Mineta Unveils TEA-21 Reauthorization Proposal
* The Shape We're In Newspaper Series Premieres
* America Bikes Reacts to Safetea Proposal
* Free Guide: Promoting Active Living Communities
* LAB Honors US Bike-Friendly Communities
* Come to the East Coast Greenway Inauguration!
* CDC Study: 1 in 4 Adults Inactive
* APBP's 3rd Pro. Dev. Seminar Coming June 22-24
* 2003 Call for Entries: National Smart Growth Awards
* Snowe, Wyden Introduce Bike Commuter Act in Senate

CenterLines Issue #70 May 9, 2003
* Get "The Shape We're In" for Your Newspaper!
* Active Living Institute Pilot A Success
* Polls: Americans Want Better Biking, Walking
* L.A.B. Proclaims May "National Bike Month"
* Walk/Bike Calif. 2003 Call for Papers
* US House Approves "Conserve by Bike" Amendment
* Lifestyle Changes: Prevent 1/3 of Cancer Deaths
* Apply Now For Ite Pedestrian Project Awards!
* New Mexico Success - Safe Routes Bill, More...
* ULI Holds Walkable Communities Forum
* New Orleans Hosts Thunderhead Training

CenterLines Issue #69 April 25, 2003
* LAB: National Bike Month, Bike to Work Day
* Bike Week 2003 Hits Toronto
* NCBW Walkable Community Workshop Series Update
* Urban Streets Symposium Scheduled for July
* Senate Adopts "Conserve by Bike" Amendment
* 20 Agencies, Groups Get Older Adult P.A. Grants
* Bikesummer Brings Fun Events to New York City
* Canadian Health Unit Gets People Walking
* It's National TV-Turnoff Week!
* Nevada Cyclists Take Safety Message Around State
* Editorial: It's "Drunken Pedestrian" Time...Again!

CenterLines Issue #68 April 11, 2003
* Walkin' The Walk, Talkin' The Talk
* NCBW Forum Gets Going Online
* Poll: Americans Support Better Walking Environment
* Thunderhead Alliance Southwest Workshop A Success
* Congressional Staff Briefed on Obesity Epidemic
* STPP's Canby Testifies Before House Science Committee
* NCBW Staff On The Road
* Risk of Excess Weight Increases in Unsafe Neighborhoods
* 30,000 Cyclists Gear Up for Bike New York
* Univ. Of Wisconsin Offers Neighborhood Traffic Courses
* Better World Club Offers Bike Roadside Assistance

CenterLines Issue #67 March 28, 2003
* NCBW Walkable Community Workshop Series Kicks Off
* STPP Names Anne P. Canby New President
* NCBW Launches New On-Line Forum
* NHTSA Honors Marin Co. (CA) Safe Routes Program
* England Gets Tougher on "Death by Dangerous Driving"
* Michael Ronkin's X-Walk Presentation Now Available
* Burlington (VT) Wins Award for Bike-Ped Study
* Orlando (FL) Folks Want to Bike!
* Last Chance -- Low Rates on Int'l Walking Conference!
* PPS Releases March Issue of "Making Places"
* Santa Cruz (CA) Bike Safety Videos Available
* STPP Urges Congress to "Stay the Course" on Tea-21
* Miami's Bicycling Police Chief Came from NYPD

CenterLines Issue #66 March 14, 2003
* Remembering Susie and Amy...and Taking Action*
* Fast Track Trans. Projects Leave Environment Behind
* America Bikes Releases Policy Book
* L.A.B. Hires Andy Clarke as Dir. of State, Local Advocacy
* NY Bridge Authority Drops 'Code Orange' Ped/Bike Ban
* NY Bicycling Coalition Offers Workshops
* AAA Members Favor Bike/Ped, Transit Funding
* Kilgore, Burton Win Chicagoland Bike Advocacy Award
* London's Congestion Charging Experiment Charges On

CenterLines Issue #65 February 28, 2003
* New Report Assesses State Dot's On Bicycle/Pedestrian Planning And Accommodation
* L.I.B. Gets Bikes Belong Grant
* Aging and Mobility Clearinghouse
* NY Agency Closes Bridge Walkways for "Security"
* "Steps to a Healthier U.S." Expands on HHS' Program
* New Paper on Sustainable Transportation Planning
* America Moves "Early Bird" Special Extended
* "Great Streets!" Gets Even Better
* European Bike, Ped Images for Download
* Leadership for Active Living
* California Bill Targets Childhood Obesity

Centerlines Issue #64 February 14, 2003
* Centerlines -- What Do You Like, What Don't You Like?
* Sidewalks = Auto Recovery Zones?
* Rep. Blumenauer's Bike-Friendly Capitol Proposal
* Cambridge (MA) to Host Apbp Seminars
* HHS' Tommy Thompson's Promotes Healthy Communities
* Canadian Group's New Bike-to-Work Campaign Model
* Thunderhead Alliance Distributes SR2S Toolkits
* EPA Announces New Community-Based Initiatives Guide
* New Urban Street Design Phone Conference Coming
* Biking, Walking Key to "Healthy Maine Partnerships"
* Flashing Crosswalk Lights Now Snowplow-Resistant
* PennDOT Discontinues Share the Road Envelope Use
* Speed Cameras Cut Deaths & Injuries, UK Study Says
* CT Pedestrian Safety Bill Pending
* 'World Transport Policy & Practice' on Sustainability
* Pedestrian/Bicycle Crash Analysis Tool Beta Testing

CenterLines Issue #63 January 31, 2003
* *NCBW Launches New Calendar of Training Opportunities
* *New Jersey Targets Sprawl-Inducing Trans. Projects*
* Upcoming Colorado Charrette Training Session
* REI Donates $10,000 For ACA's Lewis & Clark Video
* America Moves to Arizona
* Fifty-Plus Fitness Weekend Coming March 15th
* Context Sensitive Solution Website Expanding
* Helmets R Us Provides Helmets at Cost

CenterLines Issue #62 January 17, 2003
* Portland Walks in May, 2003
* Texas Safe Routes to School Fund Swamped with Apps
* NCBW Sets Forth A "Vision"
* TechSoup's DiscountTech -- Good For Non-Profits
* New Zealand Cycling Conference Coming
* N.M. Bike Coalition Gets $10K Bikes Belong Grant
* Keeping Up with the State Coordinators
* UC Berkeley/Davis Offer Bike Facility Course
* Nominations Sought: N.E. Illinois Bike/Ped Projects/Pgms

CenterLines Issue #61 January 3, 2003
* CDC: Obesity, Diabetes Still on Rise
* "America Moves" Registration Packets Available
* CCRI Assembles Segway Legislation Database
* Creating New Town Squares
* CLF's Foy to Join Mass. Governor's Administration
* Bike/Ped Plea Goes to President
* Saskatoon (SK) Bike Safety Program