2008 Centerlines Articles

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CenterLines Issue #217 December 22, 2008
* ALRC Seeks Help In Creating "Roadmap"
* Don't Forget to Ask For New Bicycle Commuter Benefit
* Active Living Resource Center Introduces the Help Desk
* Cycle Zone Analysis Topic of Next Professional Development Webinar
* DeSoto and Ferguson (MO) Adopt Complete Streets Policy
* League of Illinois Bicyclists Vouches for LaHood
* Enviros, Planners Puzzled by Obama's Trans. Pick
* Long -Time Researcher, Ken Cross, Dies
* Bicycling Numbers Jump in Philadelphia (Pa)
* AAA Forecasts Lower Christmas Holiday Travel
* '09 Safe Routes Conference "Call for Proposals"
* Friends of the Earth's "New Roads = New Pollution" Campaign
* AASHTO Responds to Transportation Reform Movement
* Safe Routes Documentation Needed for Future $$
* Tell Prez-Elect Obama, Congress, Bicycling Important!
* Thunderhead Call for Nominations -- 2009 Advocacy Awards
* With Lower Gas Prices, Driving Still Going Down
* "MOU" to Promote Public Health and Recreation
* Edmonton (AB) Snow Angels Hit Winter Sidewalks
* Bicycle Colorado Wants Stimulus Bike Projects
* OK Senator: Ft. Collins (CO) Bike Library a "Waste"
* Dc Bike Tour at 2009 TRB Annual Meeting
* NPS Releases Proposed Change to Bike Use on Trails
* Call for Walk21 (NYC) '09 Conference Papers
* Texas Survey Brings out Cycling Perceptions
* SFBC Releases Video: "Riding in the Rain"
* EPA Releases 2009 "Care" Grant Program Details
* The Darker Side of Lego Exposed by CL Reader
* Katz: Invest in Infrastructure, Long-Term Prosperity

CenterLines Issue #216 December 10, 2008
* ALRC Offers Accessibility Audit Pilot
* Register Now for "Bring Smart Trips Home" Webinar, Dec. 17th
* Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Wants Your Signature!
* Smart Trips Kick Starts St. Paul, MN, Travel Change
* New Video: "Geared Up the Essentials of Adult Bicycling"
* Come On Google -- Get More Cycle-Friendly!
* Transport Canada Offers New Webinar Series
* D.C. Area Trail Receives National Recognition
* American Trails Website Contest
* Share Your Safe Routes to School Implementation Experience

CenterLines Issue #215 November 26, 2008
* Register Now For "Bring Smart Trips Home" Webinar, Dec. 17th
* Privatization is the Answer. What was the Question?
* Portland (OR): Bikes 20% of Hawthorn Bridge Traffic
* Todd Litman on Rethinking Transportation Safety
* Rails-to-Trails: Sign Our Petition to Obama
* Transportation Alternatives Pushes Bike Access
* AASHTO Launches Transportation Marketing Project
* Underground Railroad Bicycle Route Wins Award
* 1000 Friends CT Conference Talks Complete Streets
* Bikes Belong Awards $40,000 in Grants

CenterLines Issue #214 November 13, 2008
* Bring SmartTrips Home Slated for December 17th Webinar
* French Transit Benefits from Bike Rental Programs
* New ALRC Presentation Targets Barriers to Walking
* Want to Help Mid-Life and Older Adults Keep Fit?
* President-Elect Obama Supports SRTS
* Have You Registered for the TRB 88Th Annual Meeting?
* Coalition to Obama: Back Smart Transportation
* San Luis Obispo (CA) Gets $890,000 for Trail Extension
* MIT Lab Helps with Copenhagen (DK) Smart Bike Program
* 2009 IBF Student Bicycle Essay Contest Announced
* New Martinsville (VA) Bicyclist Beginning to Believe!
* Dan Burden's Sustainable Solutions Lecture Online
* Transit Initiatives Did Well in U.S. Election
* State DOTs Award 80 Percent of Safe Routes $$
* AASHTO: Election Has Transportation Industry Optimistic
* TRB Webinar: High-Speed Intersection Speed Reduction

CenterLines Issue #213 October 29, 2008
* Americans Want Huge Transportation Funding Shift
* ALRC's City SRTS Pilot Program Visits St. Petersburg, Fl
* New Jersey Pioneers Urban Safe Routes to Schools
* Investment in Biking, Walking Will Save Billions
* Bicycling Movement Growing in Chile
* AASHTO Plots Course for Fed Program Reform
* Kansas City Advocates Push for Safe River Xing
* Transit-Oriented Developments Cut Vehicle Trips
* U.S. August Driving Stats Down 5.6% over 2007
* Reinventing American Transportation
* National Bicycle Route Network Approved
* Final Call for Signers: Impact Next Transportation Bill
* Federal Complete Streets Policy Update
* "Energy and Emissions in Transportation"
* Kids Crossing Streets Safely in Seattle
* Dude, Where's My Car Dealership?
* Florida PB/PW Officials Luncheon a Success
* Portland (OR) After-School Bike Clubs Teach Bike Basics
* Access Board Posts New ADA/ABA Standards on Website
* Teach Kids Safe Biking, Says John Pucher

CenterLines Issue #212 October 15, 2008
* Sample The Professional Development Series Webinars For Free
* Conventions Bike-Share Effort Exceeds Expectations
* New York (NY) Says It Loud: "We're Moms and We're Proud"
* Support Health Performance in Transportation Bill
* Deb Hubsmith Wins 2008 Pioneering Woman Award
* University of Oregon Launches Bike Loan Pilot
* San Luis Obispo (CA) Council Keeps Bike Projects in Budget
* Michigan U.P. Program Encourages Kids to Plan Communities
* Missouri Bike Fed Offers Active Transportation Vision
* TRB Sessions to Consider Climate Change
* Detroit (MI) Council Approves Model Bike/Ped Resolutions
* US DHH Releases New Physical Activity Guidelines

CenterLines Issue #211 October 1, 2008
* View Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2008 Speeches Online
* Webinar: What's In The New AASHTO Guide?
* NCBW Leads Train-the-Trainers Program in California
* Vote For AASHTO's People's Choice Award!
* ACM: Pittsburgh Increases Rank In Cycling, Walking
* NCSRS Seeks Applications For 2008 Oberstar Award
* "One Street" Intern Arrives From Berlin
* More Cities Trying Out Ciclovias
* How to Adapt Our Cities to Children?
* John Luton to Run for Victoria (BC) City Council
* Little Miami (OH) Trail Raises Property Values
* League Announces New Bike-Friendly Community Results
* New Online Course on Health Impact Assessments
* EPA Announces "Active Aging" Grant Program
* Traverse City (MI) Middle School Kids to Walk to School
* TSTC, La Casa De Don Pedro Win Newark (NJ) Fixes
* San Jose (CA) Launches Trail Count 2008

CenterLines Issue #210 September 17, 2008
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2008 and NCBW Update
* NCBW Has Moved
* Take 5 for the APBP Survey Now!
* Safe Routes Partnership Launches Call to Action
* APBP and NCBW Issue Webinar RFP
* Enhancements Clearinghouse Comments Due 9/22
* How Does Your State Stack Up, Bicycle-Wise?
* Vienna (VA) Students Ready for Walk to School Day
* "Play Every Day Act" (H.R. 2045) May Be on the Move
* The Portland (OR) Bike Economy is Booming!
* New Canadian Research Project in the Works
* CPSC Reports Bike-Related Injury Statistics
* Denmark's Roads Being Prepared for...Mega Trucks??!!
* MEPS Get a Trip Back in Time, Thanks to EFTE and FOE
* T4 Survey Deadline Oct. 1

CenterLines Issue #209 September 4, 2008
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2008 Conference Underway!
* Got an Unnatural Interest in Fuel Prices?
* NYC's Transportation Alternatives Takes Aim on Zoning
* Newark (NJ): Community Empowerment via Traffic Calming
* Federal $$ for Complete Streets Best Practices Manual
* Bikes Belong Survey: High Gas Prices Fuel Bike Sales

CenterLines Issue #208 August 20, 2008
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2008 Registration Closes Soon
* Strategic Research Symposium On Peds & Walkability
* Mobile Workshops, Walks & Rides Added for PWPB
* Pittsburgh (PA) Mayor Introduces New Coordinator
* Remembering Gihon Jordan
* U.S. Access Board Testimony on Outdoor Area Access
* Many U.S. Schools in 'Air Pollution Danger Zone'
* Walk21 Conference Comes to New York City in 2009
* Gas-Tax Receipts Fall as Americans Cut Back on Driving
* New Report: Adult Obesity Rates Rise in 37 States
* Free Safe Routes to School Webinar
* They Just Take, They Don't Give
* U.S. Traffic Fatalities Drop to 13-Year Low
* TRB Conference on Impact of Changing Demographics

CenterLines Issue #207 August 6, 2008
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike Conference Will Soon Be "Sold Out!"
* Keynotes: Another Reason Not To Miss Pro Walk/Pro Bike!
* Smart Cars or Smart Cities?
* African Bicycle Ambulances Making a Difference
* Nat'l Safe Routes Task Force Releases Report
* Centerlines Gets One Wrong!

CenterLines Issue #206 July 23, 2008
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike Standard Registration Closes Aug. 1st
* "Ask an Engineer" Webinar Now Offers CM Credits
* Pasadena (CA) Bike Advocate Dennis Crowley Dies
* NYSDOT Veteran Madison Picked for FHWA Administrator
* APBP: Susie Stephens "Young Professional" Scholarships
* Want to Help Count Bicyclists and Pedestrians?
* ITE Best Project Award Goes to NYC Complete Street
* Colorado Bike to Work Day Breaks Records
* SCBC Valet Service Parks 10,000th Bike
* TRB Looking for Innovations to Fund
* Project for Public Spaces to Offer 3 Courses

CenterLines Issue #205 July 9, 2008
* NCBW Board of Directors Announces Leadership Changes
* Thanks: Bill Wilkinson
* "Ask An Engineer" Webinar Re-scheduled
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike Standard Registration Closes Aug. 1
* APBP Adds Tagline and Global Warming Session at PWPB
* Bikes Belong Brings Bike Sharing to National Conventions
* Support Wanted for Police Bicycle Patrol Research
* 2009 TRB Annual Meeting Call for Papers
* Grants Announced for Environment/Health Research
* Say "Share the Road" with Flowers!
* Want to Redesign New York (NY) Intersection?
* Snapshot Minneapolis: Bicycling and Walking 2007
* OYBike Delivers Shared Bikes to Chicago (Il) University
* Gas Costs and Location, Location, Location
* FHWA Releases New Walkable Communities Guide

CenterLines Issue #204 June 25, 2008
* Submit Your Questions for the 'Ask An Engineer!' Webinar
* Mobile Workshops At Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2008 Are Filling
* Conference of Mayors Adopts Bike Resolution
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike Structures It's Own 'Super Tuesday'
* No Child Left Inside Act Passes House E&L Comm. Sort Of...
* What is "Sunday Parkways"?
* Traffic Calming Coming to New Haven (CT)
* Tacoma (WA) Street Mural Inspired by "City Repair"
* TRB Meeting, Record Submission Deadlines Loom
* Colorado's Roaring Fork Bike Express
* Sonoma Co. (CA) Bike to Work Month Big Success
* Register Your Walk to School Events
* Reclaiming Elevated Rail Lines for Parks, Trails
* Biking to School in the Netherlands
* SRTSNP Welcomes New National Partners
* 2009 Main Street Conference Call for Proposals

CenterLines Issue #203 June 11, 2008
* 48 AICP CM Credits Available At Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2008
* US Mayors Consider Bicycling Resolution
* NCBW Joins Forces With Blue Cross To Address Physical Inactivity
* "Ask An Engineer!" Is Next APBP/NCBW Webinar Topic
* FHWA Updates TE And RTP Guidance Web Pages
* Canadians Take Active+Safe Routes to New Heights
* Pre-Register for Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2008 Mobile Workshops
* ALR Conference Seeks Abstracts, Nominations
* Secretary Kempthorne Announces New Trails
* TRB Bicycle Committee Call for Crash Papers
* Sundance TV Channel Highlights Portland (OR) Bike Work
* WalkSanDiego Gets First Full-Time Exec. Director
* Safe Routes Program Spending Exceeds $221 Million
* New York City DOT Lists Major Bike Improvements
* Environmental Justice Grant Programs
* Get RTCA Program Help for Your Trail Project

CenterLines Issue #202 May 29, 2008
* NCBW's Walkable Community Workshops Return to Cleveland
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2008 Conference Registration Opens
* Request Space Now for PWPB2008 Mobile Workshops
* Webinar: Emerging Trends in Bicycle/Pedestrian Work
* Readers' Suggestions for Making Centerlines Better
* Bikes Belong Awards $44,200 in Project Grants

CenterLines Issue #201 May 14, 2008
CenterLines Survey Follow-Up Delayed
* It's Time To Join APBP
* Want Some Exercise after Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2008?
* Still Accepting Proposals for 2010 Host City for Pro Walk/Pro Bike
* TA, NYC Kick-Off Bike Month with Ride & Press Conference
* 7 Bicycle-Friendly Awards in Colorado
* APBP & NCBW Announce New Webinar
* New Orleans (LA) Gets Its First Bike Lane
* Seattle (WA) Group Health Bike Commute Challenge
* American Lung Assn. Releases "State of the Air 2008"
* Portland Smart Trips Featured In Webinar May 30
* American Trails, National Trails Awards Program
* Being a Little Drunk an American "Tradition"?
* Sonoma Co. (CA) Cyclists Needed for Rose Parade!
* 2009 TRB 88th Annual Meeting: Calls For Papers
* Celebrate a Place that Matters to You!
* Hearing on Financing Nation's Infrastructure
* It's Time to Stand up (More) & Eat (Better)!!
* Local Host Sought for 2nd Safe Routes Nat'l Conference

CenterLines Issue #200 April 30, 2008
CenterLines Celebrates Its 200th Biweekly Issue!
* Ready for National Bike to Work Month?
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2008 Conference Listings Are On-Line
* L.A.B.: Support House Congressional Resolution!
* Key Seattle (WA) Trail Project in Jeopardy
* LivableStreets: Recall that Anti-Bike "Health" Ad!
* Rail-Volution 2008 Call for Presentations
* New York City DOT's Bike (and Farewell) to Shea Day
* U.S. Dept. of Trans. Launches "Fast Lane" Blog
* Vancouver (BC) Hosts Youth Sustainable Trans. Summit
* Eugene (OR) Kids Have Fun on "Kidical Mass" Bike Rides
* Pedal-Powered Trucks Hit Boston (MA) Streets
* Building More Environmentally Sustainable Roadways?

CenterLines Issue #199 April 16, 2008
Nat'l Trails Symposium Call for Presentations
* APBP Selects Board Officers; Outlines Action Plan
* Walk, Bike, Row to Earth Day Event Around World!
* Auburn (WA) SRTS Program Innovation Recognized
* TRB Call for Articles on Congestion Pricing
* Another Look at Red Light Camera Programs
* AASHTO Wants Customer Feedback, Offers Prizes!

CenterLines Issue #198 April 2, 2008
Hail and Farewell
* Paying for All This Driving
* PWPB Conference Planners Pursue AICP CM Credits
* Free Webinar: Making the Safe Routes to School Case
* One Street's Sue Knaup Offers Fundraising Advice
* Safe Routes and Kids with Disabilities
* Hey Reader! Take This Test!
* Chicago Passes Ordinance to Protect Cyclists
* Perry Takes over BikeWalk Virginia Reins
* Bike Summit 2008 in Toronto: April 25th
* Hold Your Head in Your Hands and Wonder
* MK (UK) Cyclists Blend in with Luminous Green Scenery

CenterLines Issue #197 March 19, 2008
Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2008 Program Now Established
* NCBW Works With Flint (MI) to Establish a Youth Action Council
* 2008 LAB Bike Summit Surges to New Heights
* Missouri DOT Gets New Non-Motorized Coordinator
* News from Active Living Research
* Missouri Introduces Complete Streets Bill
* NCRTS Releases Local Program Evaluation Tools
* Mayors Lead Georgians on "Ride to the Capitol"
* Childhood Obesity Prevention Program and Policy
* Cooper Inst./CDC Personal Empowerment Plan
* CT Leg. Weighs Modified Bike, Ped Language
* Feds Seek Safety and Congestion Tech Solutions
* Toronto Bike Summit 2008 Planned for April 25th

CenterLines Issue #196 March 5, 2008
Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2008 Review Panel Meets
* Centerlines Call for Bike Summit Stories
* Community Assessment Tool On-Line Demo
* Jeff Miller -- New Thunderhead President/CEO
* Join "Georgia Rides to the Capital"!
* Portland (OR) Finds Red Light Cameras Effective
* Safe Routes Partnership Steering Committee Openings
* Free SRTS Webinar on "Starting a SRTS Pgm with $0"
* Design to Begin for D.C. Pedestrian Bridge
* What Next for Fed. Gas Tax, Frozen Since '93?
* Changing Demographics & Transportation Conference

CenterLines Issue #195 February 20, 2008
Pro Walk/Pro Bike Receives Record Number of Proposals
* Sheldon Brown's Homespun Wisdom Will Be Missed
* A New Look at Philadelphia Region's Bicyclists
* Trail Training and Education
* Peterborough (ON) Crossing Guard Awareness Program
* Bikes Belong Awards $50,000 in Grants
* Nat'l Trails Symposium Call for Presentations
* Ciclovia -- Car Free Sundays
* Colorado Commission Says Fund Bicycling!
* Networks for Mobility 2008 Call for Papers
* New Jersey Teen Authors "Save My World" Book
* Los Alamos (NM) Cyclist Takes Newspaper to Task

CenterLines Issue #194 February 6, 2008
Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2008 Registration Costs Announced
* Missouri Group Launches "Hit & Run Justice Fund"
* ALRC Offers New Kids & Activity Brochure As Artwork
* League of Am. Bicyclists Queries Prez Candidates
* Arranging Special Meetings at Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2008
* Complete Streets Gets Capitol Attention
* Seniors' Safe Routes Coming to NY (NY)
* City of Sonoma (CA) Plans $280K in Bike Improvements
* It's a Bike Rack! It's a Tire Pump! No, It's Both!
* Learn How to Impact Elections at Nat'l Bike Summit
* Indiana to Add More than 150 Miles of Rail Trails
* Streetfilm: Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Bogota (CO)
* NCSRTS Launches Research Program
* NJDOT Awards $3M in Bikeways Grants
* 2008 IBF Student Bicycle Essay Contest
* Marin Co. (CA): Cyclists "Key Resources" in Disasters
* Win a Registration to the 2008 Thunderhead Retreat

CenterLines Issue #193 January 23, 2008
Presentation Submissions for PWPB 2008 Close Feb. 1
* Lots of Safety Stuff at ITE Spring Tech Conference
* N.J. Gov. Corzine Signs Transit, Red-Light Camera Bills
* Federal Highway Administration Website Updates
* The Red Light Running Problem
* HSRC Offers Ped. Safety Planning, Design Courses
* PBIC Launches Redesigned Bicycling Information Web Site
* Can High School Kids Sell Their Carbon Credits?

CenterLines Issue #192 January 9, 2008
Pro Walk/Pro Bike Call For Presentations Closes February 1st
* Illinois Legislature Passes 'Complete Streets' Over Gov. Veto
* Hans Monderman, Livable Streets Engineer, 1947-2008
* L.A.B. National Bicycle Summit Coming Soon!
* Ped Safety Course Tied to New Partners Conference
* About New York City's Wooden "Bike Share" Bicycles...
* New "Share The Road" License Plates Going Fast in Iowa
* Ready for a "Bikeeper"?
* Finally, A Great Use for Old Bicycle Parts
* The High Cost of Parking: On-Line Movie