2012 Centerlines Articles

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CenterLines Issue #320 December 19, 2012
* The Deadliest Weapon: NHTSA Fatality & Injury Data
* Top 10 Small U.S. Cities Growing Faster Than Their Suburbs
* Report on Transit in Midsize Cities
* European Car Users Pollute But Do Not Foot the Bill
* Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans Midcourse Report
* Obesity in Young Falling in Several Cities
* Adaptive Transportation: Bicycling Through Sandy's Aftermath
* Sidewalk Projects Moving Along for St. Charles (LA) Kids
* Ottawa (KS) A Top Place to Retire Due to 200 Miles of Rail-Trails
* Why New Jersey's Red Light Cameras Should Stay

CenterLines Issue #319 December 5, 2012
* Download Pro Walk/Pro Bike Conference PDFs + Keynote Videos
* Improving Travel Efficiency at the Local Level
* The Ten Steps of Walkability
* Online Walking School Bus Training Released
* How a Kid Masters His Neighborhood
* Vancouver (BC) Studying the Effects of Going Green
* DIY Traffic Counter Could Change Transportation Planning
* Federal Tax Discussion Could Create More Balanced Bicycle Commuter Act
* NINE New Indicators that Bike Travel and Tourism are Booming
* First International Conference on Cycling Safety

CenterLines Issue #318 November 21, 2012
* Navigating MAP-21: Best Practices for MPOs
* FHWA Spotlight on Proven Countermeasures: Road Diet
* Heated Bike Lanes for Dutch Winter Cyclists
* New Paving System Uses Recycled Plastic--Vancouver, BC
* Brisbane (Australia) Bike Police Test 27 Bike Locks
* Torontonians Revolt Against Attempt to Remove Bike Lanes
* APBP Announces Results of Board of Directors Elections
* The Passing of a Bicycle Visionary: Ellen Fletcher

CenterLines Issue #317 November 7, 2012
* Housing & Transportation Expenses Outpace Incomes
* State Strategies for 21st Century Transportation Solutions
* Transforming Pedestrian Detection at Intersections
* Walk to School Month Ends with Record Participation
* Ontario's (Canada) Peel Region to Fight Obesity w/ Urban Design
* 71 New Bicycle Friendly Businesses & 9 Universities Recognized
* Can America Embrace Biking the Way Denmark Has?

CenterLines Issue #316 October 24, 2012
* FHWA Releases Interim Guidance on Map-21
* 28 New Bicycle Friendly Communities Awards
* Bicycle-Friendly Business Districts Inspire Growth
* Only Two States "Opt Out" of Recreational Trails Program Funding
* Resource Estimates SRTS Programs' Environmental Impacts
* Free Online Built Environment Assessment Training
* Impact of Big Box Developments
* Calgary (Alberta) Planning for Cycle Tracks in Centre City

CenterLines Issue #315 October 10, 2012
* NCHRP Project: Methods & Technologies to Collect Ped/Bike Data
* Public Health Professionals Vital to Safe Transportation
* Report: Complete Communities for 21st Century America
* Car-Oriented Drug Stores: Scourge of the Urban Corner
* Mexico City Inaugurates Ecobici Bike Share Program Expansion
* Free Online Course to Assess Built Environment & Activity
* Seeing the Back of the Car

CenterLines Issue #314 September 26, 2012
* Win a Free Registration to Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2014 in Pittsburgh!
* The Inaugural National Women's Bicycling Summit
* League of American Bicyclists Launches Women Bike Program
* Making History: Conference Vélo Mondiale Pro Bike-Velo-City (1992)
* 2013 Transportation Funding: It's Higher. No, It's Lower
* EPA Offering Sustainable Growth Assistance to Communities
* Beyond Platinum: Creating World-Class Biking Cities in the U.S.
* Cycling Renaissance in America
* The Rise of Telework and What It Means
* Cargo Cyclists Replace Truck Drivers on European City Streets

CenterLines Issue #313 September 14, 2012
* Pittsburgh (PA) to Host Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2014!
* APBP Announces Excellence Awards at Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2012
* NACTO Releases Second Edition of Urban Bikeway Design Guide
* PBIC Announces Latest Round of Walk Friendly Communities
* New Guide: Steps to a Walkable Community
* Comprehensive Guide for Implementing Bike Share Programs
* SRTS Data System Expands Reporting Capabilities
* An Interview With AASHTO's John Horsley & Jim McDonnell
* When Building Neighborhoods, Don't Forget the Poor
* A Chinese City Moves to Limit New Cars

CenterLines Issue #312 August 29, 2012
* Countdown to Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2012: Pro Place!
* National Complete Streets Coalition Releases Policy Analysis and Local Policy Workbook
* Check Out "Getting in the Race: An Advocate's Guide to Elections"
* Guadalajara Creates an Affordable, New Style of Bike Share
* September 1: Deadline to Opt Out of Recreational Trail Funding
* Chagrin Falls (OH) Receives 2012 Oberstar SRTS Award
* Partnerships Make Moscow (ID), SRTS Program Long-Lasting
* South Burlington (VT) Council Approves 1.5 Mile Complete Street Project
* Corpus Christi (TX) a Walkable Community (Texas-Style)
* Kansas DUI Offenders Can Now Legally Drive Motorized Bicycles
* Why Are Champaign-Urbana (IL) Jaywalking Arrests Almost All Black?

CenterLines Issue #311 August 15, 2012
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2012: Pro Place -- Conference News
* Navigating Map21 -- The Route to Federal Funding for Your Community
* Ask Your Governor to Keep Funding the Recreational Trails Program
* What's Health Got to Do With It? A Primer for Planning Commissioners
* National Bike Challenge Reaches 10 Million Miles
* Making City Biking Less Scary
* More People Walk to Better Health
* Washington Post Blames "Distracted Walking" for Deaths
* What the Environment & Mobility Mean for Fastest-Growing Demographic
* Performance Bicycle® 'Better Bicycling Community' Grants Winners

CenterLines Issue #310 August 1, 2012
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike® 2012: Pro Place -- Conference News
* Women's Summit Tackle Biking Gender Disparity, Sept. 13th
* Walk Appeal: New Tool for Building Walkable Places
* National Park Service to Allow Greater Bike Access in Parks
* FHWA Issues New Section 4(f) Policy Paper on Use of Public Lands
* Nat'l Center for Safe Routes to School Receives 1M Questionnaires
* Uganda Bike Training Gains Momentum
* Nominate People and Projects for National Trails Awards
* Copenhagen's Compelling Case for Bike Superhighways
* There's Nothing Coercive About Walkable Neighborhoods

CenterLines Issue #309 July 18, 2012
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike® 2012: Pro Place Conference News
* 10 Key Things to Know about the New Transportation Law
* How Well Does Your State Prioritize Transit & Street Safety?
* SRAM's Randy Neufeld Receives Danish Cycling Leadership Award
* The New Face of Cycling
* TCAT Launches Complete Streets for Canada Policy and Design Hub
* Google Maps for Africa Gets Better -- Walking Directions Launched!
* NYC Set to Roll Out Nation's Largest Bike Share Program
* Illinois Trails May Deserve More Promotion, Agencies Say
* Nemours Health and Delaware Govt Push Outdoor Activities

CenterLines Issue #308 July 4, 2012
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike® 2012: Pro Place Conference News
* The New Federal Highway Bill
* Barbara McCann Leaves National Complete Streets Coalition Helm
* Charter of Vancouver Calls on U.N. to Enshrine Global Kids' "Right to Cycle"
* Adventure Cycling Seeks Nominations for 2012 Bicycle Travel Awards
* Amsterdam Investigating Rooftop Bike Parks
* USPS Issues Forever Stamps Celebrating Bicycling
* A Simple Solution to Cutting Emissions: Cycling!
* U.S. Court of Appeals rules unanimously in favor of EPA regulations

CenterLines Issue #307 June 20, 2012
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike® 2012: Pro Place Conference Updates
* A Reflection on Neverending Transportation Gridlock
* Bikes Belong Launches "Green Lane Project"
* Americans Burn 100 Million Calories in National Bike Challenge
* Going to Vancouver Velo-City? Check Out The "Velo-Talk" Workshop
* MapMyFITNESS, Inc. Releases New Free "MapMyRIDE+" App
* Recent Crashes on Calgary (Alberta) Paths Prompt Tighter Enforcement

CenterLines Issue #306 June 6, 2012
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike® 2012 Conference News
* National Women's Bicycling Summit at Pro Walk/Pro Bike®
* APBP Launches Speakers' Bureau
* "Bicycle Friendly Business" Application Deadline June 22
* Walk to School Day 2012 Registration Now Open
* "TE" At 20: New Spending Report on Transportation Enhancements
* States Explore New Ways to Tax Motorists for Road Repair
* Applications Due June 22 for Safe Routes Conference Local Host
* Military Planners Want to Make Bases More 'Walkable'
* 2013 TRB 92nd Annual Meeting & Record: Paper Submission Website Open

CenterLines Issue #305 May 23, 2012
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike® 2012: Pro Place Conference News
* Bike Support Careens Ahead But Congress is Still Spinning Wheels
* Celebrate Cycling! Ask Congress to Stand Up for Bikes
* By Riding, Instead of Driving, U.S. Bicyclists Save $4.6B/Year
* 2012 Safe Routes to School Award Call for Applications
* Has the Passion Gone Out of America's Love Affair with the Car?
* CDC Presents 2012 "Game Changer Award" to Safe Routes Partnership
* Momentum Builds for UK Residential Street 20mph Speed Limit

CenterLines Issue #304 May 9, 2012
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike® 2012: Early Registration Deadline Approaches
* New National Survey Reveals Strong Support for Walk/Bike Investments
* What's up with the Transportation Bill Conference Committee?
* FHWA's National Online Dialogue on Improving Trans Performance
* 700+ National Bike to School Day Events Planned for Today
* Univ. of Colorado Student Wins APBP's Gihon Jordan Scholarship
* Applications Due June 22 to Host 4th SRTS Nat'l Conference
* Nat'l Bike Challenge: Pushing for 10 Million Bike Miles by August 31st
* Walk Friendly Communities Application Process Now Open
* "Ride of Silence" Honors Those Injured or Killed on Bikes

CenterLines Issue #303 April 25, 2012
* PWPB2012®: Registration and Program Announcements
* The Week Ahead: Wheels Begin to Turn on Highway Bill
* Registration Open for Inaugural National Bike to School Day
* Should We Keep Calling Those Who Walk "Pedestrians"?
* League Announces 2012 Bicycle Friendly Business Awards
* Study: Want More Bikers? Build More Bike Lanes
* Young Adults Increasingly Choose Bikes, Buses vs Cars
* The Hague (Netherlands) Cannot Do Without its "Bike Tower"

CenterLines Issue #302 April 11, 2012
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike® 2012: Pro Place--Conference Updates
* Green Lane Project Announces Focus Cities
* House Transportation Bill: Next Steps
* New Online Clearinghouse for Bike Share Resources
* Sirota: "Where We're Going, We Don't Need New Roads"
* May First is Deadline for 2012 IBF Student Bicycle Essay Contest
* San Antonio Has 2nd Busiest Bicycle Share Program in USA
* Increasing Pedestrian Visibility in Georgia's Safety Plans
* Minnesota Legislators Lose Taste for Statewide Wellness Campaign
* FHWA Administrator Helps Unveil Penn Ave "Great Streets" Project

CenterLines Issue #301 March 28, 2012
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike® 2012 News Roundup
* GOP Budget Would Cut Transportation by 25%
* Wider, Straighter & Faster Not the Solution for Older Drivers
* League's 2012 National Bike Summit a Huge Success
* Alliance Announces 2012 Advocacy Award Winners
* Group Wants Leaders to Create Kids' Healthy Environments
* New Online Competition to Engage & Connect American Bicyclists
* UK Group Plans to Transform Four Cities to Car-Free
* Melbourne's Yarra River Getting Ped/Bike Link Under Major Bridge

CenterLines Issue #300 March 14, 2012
* Happy Birthday Centerlines!
* Register for Pro Walk/Pro Bike® 2012 Now! Operators Standing By!
* House GOP May Try to Revive Their Transportation Bill This Week
* Get to the National Bike Summit in D.C. & Save Cycling!
* Gear Up for the First-Ever National Bike to School Day
* Call for Trail Managers to Participate in Nat'l Survey
* News from Velo-City Global 2012 (Vancouver)
* Walk21 Mexico City Proposal Deadline Extend to 3/16/12
* Alliance Announces Winners of 2011 Photo Contest

CenterLines Issue #299 February 29, 2012
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike® 2012: Registration Opens!
* Long-Term Transportation Bill Faces Detours
* Alliance Partnership Launches "Open Streets Project Website & Guide"
* LaHood: Enhancements Mean Greater Safety for All Road Users
* U.S. DOT Proposes 'Distraction' Guidelines for Automakers
* Brompton Dock: New Generation Bike Hire Coming to the U.S.
* SRTS Programs that Reduce Speeding, Distracted Driving
* Beyond Urban Centers - Active Transportation in Rural America
* Why So Many Romantic Comedies Are Set in Cities
* Amsterdam Survey Counts 881,000 Bikes

CenterLines Issue #298 February 15, 2012
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike® 2012: CFP Results Are In
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike® 2014: Request for Letters Of Interest
* The Green Lane Project
* Senate Amendment Helps Local Governments Make Streets Safer
* House Transportation Bill Turns Communities into Collateral Damage
* Level of Service, Travel Projections: Wrong Tools for Our Streets?
* Author Sue Macy to Keynote First National Women Cycling Forum
* Most Americans Want Walkable Neighborhood, Not Big House
* ACA's New Cycling Route Brings Underground Railroad Alive
* National Main Street Conference Coming to Baltimore April 1-4

CenterLines Issue #297 February 1, 2012
* National Transportation Updates
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike® 2012: Call for Proposals Closes!
* Secretary LaHood Announces 4th Round of Tiger Program $$
* America Walks Releases New Signalized Intersection Report
* Complete Streets Forum 2012 Coming April 23rd in Toronto
* Complete Streets Coalition Executive Director Receives ITE Award
* NCSRTS Announces First Nat'l Bike to School Day: May 9, 2012
* Road to Profitability in Today's New-Home Market May Be a Foot Path
* Retrofitting the Suburbs to Increase Walking

CenterLines Issue #296 January 18, 2012
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2012: Two weeks to go on Call for Proposals
* 10 Communities to Receive EPA "Building Blocks" Tech Assistance
* National Bike Summit Coming: March 20-22 in Washington D.C.
* RWJF Renews SRTS National Partnership's Funding
* NPS Announces Community-Based Projects for 2012 Assistance
* Call for Applicants: SRTS Nat'l Course Spring 2012 Instructor Training
* Study: Europe Should "Cycle Like Danes" to Cut Carbon Emissions
* Car Ownership Puts Queensland (AU) Teens at High Crash Risk

CenterLines Issue #295 January 4, 2012
* Pro Walk/Pro Bike® 2012 Call for Proposals Continues
* LaHood Announces Tiger III Grants: $511M for 46 Projects
* NHTSA Releases Report on Motor Vehicle Crashes
* 26 Schools, Municipalities & Orgs Receive NCSRTS Mini-Grants
* How Much Will that Prized Garage Space or Curbside Spot Cost?
* Ireland Moving Ahead with Nat'l Cycling Policy Framework
* In Madrid's Heart, Park Blooms Where a Freeway Once Blighted
* New Orleans Council Approves 'Complete Streets'
* Georgia Gov Office of Hwy Safety Awards $69K Grant to PEDS
* Spokane (WA) City Council OK's Complete Streets Ordinance