Submit Items to CenterLines

CenterLines is published every two weeks (on alternate Fridays). If you
would like to submit a news item or other material for an upcoming
issue, please send it to the CenterLines editor, John Williams:

Please note that CenterLines is compiled during the three days
preceding publication. Items received after noon on the Thursday preceding
publication may not be included in the issue.

CenterLines is broken into several categories:

Feature Articles: Newsy items about your organization's latest success,
upcoming events, grants, conferences, etc. These should be kept short
(under 100 words if possible), and should include links to the source
and contact information if applicable. A "light" style of writing is
appreciated; humor is highly valued.

In The News: Relevant stories published in newspapers or broadcast
somewhere. Give us a couple of sentences re: what it's about WITH a web
address so we can find the story and give our normal treatment

Quotes R Us: Found a good quote about bicycling, walking, active living
programs, community design, and related topics? Send it to us with the
name of the person, 3 or 4 words about who they are (e.g., "Mayor of
Cincinnati), and <preferably> WITH a web address so we can direct readers
to the source.

Resources: Got a new plan, book, manual, journal article, or other
"serious" item to share? Send us the title, authors, agency/group, date,
and how to get a copy (downloadable stuff is greatly appreciated!).

Calendar: Got an upcoming event? Let us know! Give us the date(s),
title, location, and where to get more information (name, organization,
address, phone, email). And include a web address if there is one.

Jobs, Grants, and RFPs: If you're hiring, let us know in 150-200 words
or less. Tell us who you are, where you're located, what the position
is, and a brief description of requirements, salary, relevant dates, and
who/where to get more information and/or send applications. It works
best if you send a brief version of your job description with a link to
the web for details.

If you have a grant program to fund walk- and bike-related programs and
projects, give us the basics in 150-200 words, including requirements,
deadlines, contact information, and, if possible, include a web link
for more information. If you're putting out a Request for Proposals (RFP)
for a consultant or contractor to write a plan, do a study, design a
program or project, then send us 150-200 words, as well, with the basics
and a way to get more information.