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There are a good many individuals, organizations, and agencies working in the field of bicycling and walking, livable cities, and active communities. If you've run up against a challenge in your own community, the chances are good that someone else has faced the same or very similar challenges, and found a way to succeed. And with any luck, he or she has captured those experiences in a book, a report, or a presentation.

The Library listing of publications is always changing as we discover and add new materials. Rather than attempting to be an exhaustive clearinghouse in the field of making communities more bicycle-friendly and walkable, the staff reviews each item and lists only what we consider to be the best, most helpful publications. We hope you'll agree. And if you think we've missed a publication that should be listed, lease bring it to our attention by writing us at

September 2004

Traffic Control: An Exercise in Self Defeat*

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