Photo by Dan Burden

Safe Routes to School: Introductory Workshop

The new federal transportation bill includes funding for state and local safe routes to school programs. For communities serious about the health of their children, this workshop is an excellent first step. Our introductory workshop will cover a variety of topics: the basics of bicycling and pedestrian facilities—including special design considerations for children, a survey of safe routes programs in other communities and what they're doing to encourage children to walk to school, how to engage students in a safe routes program, and how to get parental support and involvement. Our walking audit will take place around a school campus. The goal of the workshop is to give participants a head start on putting together their own safe routes to school program.

This workshop is intended for a general audience: concerned citizens, transportation professionals, parents, law enforcement, school officials, teachers & students. Contact us for more information on this option and other Safe Routes to School offerings from the NCBW.

This option is available with all workshop packages.