Photo by Bruce Burgess

Walkable Community Workshop

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The Walkable Community Workshops program represents a unique way for metropolitan planning organizations, cities, counties, and other interested clients to engage community members, elected officials, business leaders, and professional staff in the transportation planning process. The goal of each workshop is to speed the creation of places where walking and bicycling are safe, viable transportation options. We employ nationally recognized experts in the disciplines of transportation and land use planning, engineering, public health, and education to facilitate these workshops.

Our introductory workshops begin with a brief interactive presentation on the elements of a walkable community. Workshop participants are exposed to examples of best practices from communities similar to theirs. These best practices range in scope from those which can be easily and inexpensively implemented, to longer term and more comprehensive solutions.

The presentation gives all the background needed for the next step: the walking audit. Our facilitators lead the group on a guided tour of the walking environment. Following the audit, the participants take charge. They get the opportunity to improve and design the community they want. At the close of each workshop, we secure a commitment from all who participated to turn their ideas into actions.

Over the last four years the National Center for Bicycling & Walking and our workshop partners have been helping communities realize a more walkable and bike-friendly future. Even more importantly, we have begun democratizing the transportation planning process by engaging the users of our transportation system, as well as the designers and the decision-makers. In doing this, we generate the enthusiasm and commitment that makes possible real and lasting change.

We have recently expanded the Walkable Community Workshop program to include bicycle-focused workshops and introductory Safe Routes to School workshops. For clients wishing more flexibility with curriculum and format, we offer workshop options to fit your needs. Explore these pages to learn more about this unique program.